Popular rescue puppy is stolen

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A FAMILY are heartbroken after the rescue puppy they were about to adopt was stolen from a South Yorkshire animal sanctuary.

Scruffy wire-haired terrier Max, a sandy coloured six-month-old, was stolen from his kennel at Thornberry Animal Sanctuary in Todwick Road, Dinnington.

The tiny mongrel - a cross between a West Highland terrier and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - had already been earmarked for rehoming with a new family, who are said by staff at the shelter to be “very upset”.

Thornberry spokeswoman Pauline Cole said: “Max is a lovely, cute little lad and we are all extremely shocked and upset.

“The family that were adopting him are understandably very upset.

“Max is so cute that a lot of people wanted to adopt him, and some were quite persistent, despite being told they couldn’t have him.

“As we cover a wide area, Max could be anywhere in South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire or North Nottinghamshire.

“We have reported the theft to the police and we have CCTV. We have been through the footage and identified one set of potential suspects, and got a car registration number.”

Max is microchipped so can be traced as belonging to Thornberry Animal Sanctuary.

He was stolen on Saturday between 1pm and 3pm. Anyone with information should call 07922 115537.