‘Popular and loving’ Sheffield woman found dead in her flat

Dora Daniel
Dora Daniel
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A Sheffield woman was found dead in her flat next to a bag of white powder but a drug overdose was ‘highly unlikely’ an inquest heard.

‘Popular and loving’ Dora Daniel, aged 27, of Elmore Road in Crookes, was found by police after friends raised concerns about her on February 8 this year.

Dora’s mother, Patricia Daniel, aged 63, paid tribute to her daughter after the inquest at Sheffield Coroner’s Court, describing her as a passionate and caring young woman with a love of music, dancing and Star Trek.

She said: “She was highly loving, a caring person who was an ardent campaigner for human rights.”

The inquest heard that Dora’s body was found next to a bag of white powder and a straw. But pathologist Dr Julian Burton had performed a post mortem examination on Dora’s body and said it was ‘highly unlikely’ that she died from an overdose.

He said: “The white powder was tested and contained paracetamol and caffeine.

“There is nothing from the toxicology report that suggests any high level of substance in her body.”

DC Matthew Williams told the inquest early police investigations ‘pointed to a drugs death,’ as Dora was found near the powder.

Her friends told detectives that Dora was feeling ‘upbeat’ and was looking forward to visiting friends in London for her birthday.

The inquest heard how Dora had a long history of anxiety and depression but was hoping to overcome it.

Dr Karen Joshi, Dora’s GP, said Dora had ‘suicidal ideations’ but was ‘not suicidal’ as she was aware of the pain it would cause her loved ones.She said Dora had tried a variety of prescription drugs to help with anxiety and depression.

The inquest is due to conclude today.