Poor parking set to be tackled near Sheffield schools

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Sheffield Council has pledged a crackdown after reports of dangerous parking outside two primary schools.

Stephen Rich, of Greenhill and Bradway Tenants’ and Residents’ Association, complained about the situation around Greenhill Primary School, Reney Road, and Lowedges Primary School, Lowedges Road.

In response, John Bann, Sheffield Council’s head of parking, said: “We have not received any specific complaints about parking issues at either Greenhill or Lowedges Schools.

“However, there are ‘Keep Clear’ zigzags outside the schools which we can enforce using our mobile CCTV vehicle.

“We will visit the sites to see if there is any illegal or inappropriate parking once schools return from their half-term break, and take any necessary action.”

Mr Bann added: “As well as visiting the sites to enforce any parking issues, there is some work happening near Greenhill School either to prevent illegal parking or to make travelling on foot easier.

“Fencing is being put up to prevent parking and, at Greenhill Parkway at the junction of Reney Road, there are plans to improve the pedestrian crossing facilities to make it easier to get to and from school.”

Mr Rich said: “At the end of Reney Avenue in Greenhill, between the school gates outside the junior school and the traffic island, the situation is horrific.

“People park anywhere so the road is passable one way only and, when a bus turns up, it’s even worse.

“Lowedges School is just as bad. I’ve asked the Police Community Support Officers about the problem and they say that when they try to advise the car occupants about their behaviour, the comments back are terrible.”