Poor bus services

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AS one of the many non-car owning people in a so called ‘leafy suburb’, I feel I have to comment on our new and ‘improved’ bus service.

It was unfortunate that you chose to focus on one item in the recent petition and created headlines out of the complaint that the bus stop in the city centre had been moved. This created the impression that the signatories had nothing better to do with their time than complain about trivial issues.

The reality is that we have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous in the service provided.

We previously had services 40 and 120, running every three or four minutes. We now only have the 120, timetabled every 10 minutes. This is a joke.

I live on the main road and it is apparent that a deliberate decision was taken to re-timetable buses so they run in pairs. This double act appears not every 10 minutes but at intervals of 20 minutes or more.

At first I put this down to rush hour traffic problems etc. But as it happens on a daily basis, several times a day and on every day of the week, including Sundays, this cannot be the case.

The effect is that there are long queues at each bus stop and the two buses then play leapfrog along the route picking up passengers, including many students from the local halls of residence close to me at Ranmoor.

The service cannot be relied upon and woe betide anyone wishing to catch a train. I now have to leave home at least an hour before my train departs which, ironically, is almost as long as the actual train journey - just to ensure that I can get to the station in time.

The loss of a bus stop close to the railway station is also an issue, particulary for the large numbers of students with suitcases at weekends and end of term. It’s not unreasonable to expect a service that is at least reliable, particularly as we have lost two other services to Fulwood in recent times. Surely the aim should be to encourage people on to public transport, not the reverse.

Janet Greenstreet, Fulwood Rd, S10