Pools plan sends wrong message

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It is unconscionable that SIV and Sheffield City Council are proposing to close Heeley and Graves swimming pools at weekends to save money.

What message does this give to children and adolescents who want to swim to get or stay fit? Swimming is the perfect form of exercise for the able and disabled alike.

What’s more, children who are members of Sheffield City Swimming Club, which is based at Heeley Swimming Pool, train there every Saturday and Sunday. Closing the pool will disrupt their training programme and may force them to pay more for pool time, money they cannot afford to pay.

The Sheffield City Swimming Club squad includes British record-holders and its head coach is Olympic swimmer Colin Cunningham.

SIV and the council need to seriously rethink the approach they are taking. Do not cut pool time in Sheffield.

To close the pools or reduce swim time would harm the progress being made by the Sheffield City Swimming Squad and thousands of other swimmers who use the pool on a regular basis.

The health benefits of swimming are well known and at a time when so many children in Sheffield are categorised as obese, taking swimming away would be a major mistake.

In the Heeley area, the Asian population use the pool frequently, including ladies-only sessions.

This Asian population is badly hit by diabetes induced by being overweight.

SIV and the council might save money by closing the pool at weekends but that will only shift the costs to the NHS in Sheffield as it will have to take the strain caused by the numerous health problems associated with obesity, diabetes and lack of exercise.

They will be acting against the interests of anybody who swims to stay fit.

Norma Beavers