Pollice role candidate quits campaign

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ONE of the candidates up for nomination for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire has pulled out because of the cost of her campaign.

Gillian Radcliffe, who was standing as an independent candidate, said she was ‘very sad’ at her withdrawal but said she would need ‘a lot more money’ to fund her campaign and more time to spend talking to local people and building networks of support.

She had to put a £5,000 deposit down but said spreading her message would have cost her at least £50,000.

Elections for candidates standing for election for the role are to be held in November.

Police and Crime Commissioners will replace Police Authorities, with the task of holding forces to account.

She said: “After several weeks of preparing for the campaign, I have come to the realisation that I cannot afford to continue.

“The resources necessary go far beyond the £5,000 deposit. I always expected to do things on a shoestring but, never having previously been involved in a public election, I was naïve about how much it would cost to raise awareness of my credentials for the role and my policies.

“I now see that, in an area like South Yorkshire, where there are almost a million potential voters to reach, I would need a very extensive programme of activity and publicity.”