POLL RESULTS: What Star readers think of the new rules that mean internet trolls could be jailed

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Yesterday we asked Star readers whether or not they think internet trolls should face jail for online bullying.

Internet trolls posting humiliating or derogatory hashtags and images online could face criminal charges under new legal guidelines to allow social media to be more stringently policed.

‘Virtual mobbing’ - or inciting people to harass others online - is one offence included in the guidance issued by the Crown Prosecution Service.

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Sixty-six per cent of Star readers who took part in the poll said internet trolls should be prosecuted because anonymity does not excuse bullying.

The remaining 34 per cent said online abuse should not lead to jail because people have a right to free speech.

On Facebook, Elliot Tweddle said: “People don’t realise what the internet is. It’s a mean place where trolls rule the land. Safe spaces don’t exist- if you don’t like it or can’t deal with it then get off the internet.”

Alex Bell agreed. He said: “I think people should man up and use the block button. Simple as that. There are far worse ‘crimes’.”

But Craig Mason said people who make violent threats should face jail, although others should only get a warning.

Andy Hides felt the same. He said: “Those that threaten violence should face the law.”

The CPS has also announced plans to tackle online hate crime in a 13-week long consultation.