This is what Sheffield residents think about tomorrow’s Brexit protests

Plans for a day of protests on what should have been the day the UK leaves the European Union has sparked debate among Star readers.


Prime Minister Theresa May has postponed the leaving date while negotiations continue in Parliament.

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The fresh leave date could now be either May 22 if Mrs May’s deal is passed – or April 12 if it is not.

A huge Leave demonstration is planned in London for 4pm on Friday outside Parliament, with thousands of people from across the country expected to attend.

And Sheffield is one of many cities on alert for potential Brexit protests, blockades of roads and demonstrations as there have been calls for action in the regions as a show of solidarity for events in the capital.

A number of readers have made their feelings known on the issue on The Star's Facebook page.

Glenn Beckett said: “Democracy is dead in this country.

“No point voting anymore.”

Another posted: “I agree, let's never vote again.”

Joanne Wallace said: “Don't Parliament realise what they are stirring up?

“Doesn't the word of the country mean anything?

“Why ask us to vote if they just ignored our decisions and why can't we have a say on this deal or at least on what she is proposing?”

On Wednesday, Mrs May indicated she was prepared to stand down if MPs backed her deal – while eight other alternative proposals drawn up by MPs to reach agreement on Brexit failed to command a majority.

They included a no deal, revoking Article 50 and staying in the EU and other set-ups outlining Britain’s future dealings with Europe.

Pro-Brexit groups have called for blockades of motorways, newspaper offices, railways stations, airports and council offices.

A number of ‘go-slow’ motorway protests are also planned and there have previously been calls to blockade every major roundabout and junction in Britain to cause widespread disruption.