Westminster Accounts: Examining the £100,000 in donations to Sheffield MPs - plus £210k to a former mayor

Here is a closer look at the nearly £100,000 in donations and gifts accepted by Sheffield MPs as outlined in ‘the Westminster Accounts’.

The money funneling into the House of Commons has been laid bare this week through figures collated by Sky News and Tortoise Media, using the combined figures starting since the 2019 election.

Gathered together, it shows how Conservative MP Miriam Cates accepted £27,000 in combined funds from Tory party millionaire donors, as well as £2,000 from Robert Charles Standing of R S Furbs Ltd, an investment company with practically no online presence.

Meanwhile, three Sheffield Labour MPs accepted a combined total of £33,420 from unions nationwide.

And former Mayor of South Yorkshire Dan Jarvis received £100,000 from what has emerged to be the third biggest donor to English MPs – a “secretive” firm called MPM Connect, run by recruitment mogul millionaire Peter Hearn, who gave a combined total of £345,000 to just three Labour MPs, including the shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper.

Below, The Star has taken a closer look at the donations and gifts given to Sheffield MPs, as well as Mr Jarvis.