VIDEO: Brexit go slow protest – ‘I think they should arrest Theresa May for breaking the law’

The organiser of a pro-Brexit has a apologised to the people of Doncaster for any inconvenience they may have caused.

Saturday, 23rd March 2019, 3:19 pm
Updated Saturday, 23rd March 2019, 3:23 pm
The Go Slow demonstration heads along the A6182 White Rose Way, towards the motorway.

Chris Hicks, from the Yorkshire Brexit Action Group said the traffic problems faced by town residents today were not their aim.

He said they came about after police split the convoy of up to 30 vehicles into two – with half directed onto the M18 and half kept in Doncaster.

The Go Slow demonstration heads along the A6182 White Rose Way, towards the motorway.

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This led to huge tailbacks on Great Yorkshire Way and White Rose Way as police threatened to seize protesters’ vehicles.

HGV driver Chris, aged 38, from Doncaster, said: “We didn’t want to inconvenience the people of Doncaster – that was not our aim.

“But with the help of South Yorkshire Police, that is exactly what we did.

“The police were quite friendly and said if we ever wanted to do something like this again they would need more notice so they could provide a route.

Yorkshire Brexit Action Group, get ready to begin the go slow demonstration across on major roads within the borough.

“But in the end no one was arrested, no cars were seized and we have brought the issue into the public eye.”

Chris praised the police and said their respectful behavior meant that a situation that could have been horrible was effectively diffused.

Next, he said the Yorkshire Brexit Action Group would be heading down to London on Friday to protest against Brexit’s likely delay.

“I think they should go and arrest Theresa May on March 29 for breaking the law but I don’t think that will happen,” he said.

“I am a HGV driver and some of us have lost thousands preparing to leave on March 29.

“If we left without a deal it would be a rocky couple of years but I am not doing this for my future I am doing it for my kids’ future.

“I think we need to bring the Great back into Great Britain and that is why 17 million people voted to leave.”

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