Urgent repairs needed on 11 of Sheffield's venues and leisure centres

Eleven leisure centres and attractions in Sheffield - including some of its major venues - are undergoing urgent repair work.

Friday, 14th February 2020, 11:45 am
Updated Friday, 14th February 2020, 1:22 pm

Sheffield City Trust, also known as Sheffield International Venues, runs the leisure facilities but council officers say it has been hemorrhaging cash.

The council said millions of pounds needed to be pumped into some facilities just to keep them open.

They warned some sites have obsolete equipment which - if it goes wrong - could close the facility for several months.

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Sheffield venues including the FlyDSA Arena (top left); Ponds Forge (top right) and Sheffield City Hall (bottom) are in urgent need of repair

The council gave SIV an emergency £1m last year, will subside it by £2.8m annually and is putting another £3.5m towards health and safety costs and maintenance.

We used a Freedom of Information request to find out which facilities need work.

Fly DSA Arena - £1,072,000

Repairs to ice rink barriers, spotlights, plant room and electrical panels, generator controls, heating, hot and cold water system repairs, external repairs and replacement of ice plant

City Hall - £261,900

Emergency lighting replacement, PA system repairs, Oval Hall carpet replacement, plaster ceiling repairs and decoration, minor wall decoration, replacement of some stage assets, induction loop

Ponds Forge - £182,500

Smoke vent actuators, electrical repairs, heating valves, lift control panels, hot and cold water supply repairs, car park and footpath repairs, replace two diving boards and repairs to poolside handrails

iceSheffield - £160,000

Ice chiller and skate grinder to be replaced and emergency lighting repairs

Hillsborough - £110,000

Teaching pool floor replacement, pool hall automatic door replacement, roof repairs, external door repair and decoration

Concord - £28,000

Replacement of failed external lighting, lift control panel, refurbishment of sports hall floor, flat roof repair

Springs - £588,800

Works required to boilers, ventilation and pool plant

Heeley - £50,000

Repairs to retaining and boundary wall, replacement back up boile

Tinsley - £96,500

Roof and gutter replacement, replacement of irrigation system

Beauchief - £239,500

Provision of alternative external storage facilities

Birley - £12,000

Repairs to off shot pro shop

These costs are based on initial surveys, the rest of the budget has been spent on fees, contingency and VAT. Work is now underway to determine the exact scope of repairs at each site.