Team t-shirts as Sheffield's Green councillors protest

Slogan t-shirts are becoming the new way for councillors to protest at meetings.

Wednesday, 6th November 2019, 8:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th November 2019, 9:18 am
Sheffield's Green councillors with their #deleteall t-shirts at Full Council

Former Lord Mayor Magid Magid started the fashion by sporting political tees then his fellow Green Party councillors donned matching black tops saying #proportionalrepresentation

Now the Greens have a new uniform, this time white t-shirts printed with #deleteall

They say they have limited opportunities throughout the year to put down a motion at full council. And when they found their motion had been overshadowed with amendments by Labour and the Liberal Democrats, they took their anger to the printers.

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Coun Angela Argenzio said: “Predictably our motion was treated with absolute contempt. We were so sure that this would happen that we had our t-shirts printed before we had confirmation.

“Opposition parties get a limited number of motions, the Greens only get four motions and this was the only one that would be heard first without the risk of the guillotine falling.

“Labour shows no respect of other parties and this does not bode well for cross party working. Many people want to see these policies implemented.

“Labour “delete all” shows disdain for the 22.5 per cent who voted Green in May by saying, your views don’t count, only the views of Labour count.

“When a motion is treated with a “delete all” it doesn’t even get voted on as it is replaced before that point by the ruling groups amendment.”

Labour invented its own hashtag for the Greens. Coun Bryan Lodge said: “They should have #abstain because that’s what they do when you look at their voting records.”