South Yorkshire to miss out on £103 million a year because of Brexit

Sheffield Council says South Yorkshire is missing out on £103 million European Union funding a year because of Brexit.

Tuesday, 28th June 2022, 12:24 pm

The figure was revealed in a council report prepared for the latest meeting of the economic development and skills committee.

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Officers said the area will get £22 million funding a year from the government’s Shared Prosperity Fund in three years’ time to replace EU funding known as the European Structural and Investment Programme.

Brexit means South Yorkshire has lost out on significant funding. Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images

However, analysis showed that in 2021 the EU would have given South Yorkshire a significant increase in funding estimated to be £125 million a year because it had been recognised as an area in highest need.

The lost £103 million per year would have been spent on things such as supporting local businesses and jobs, upskilling people, crime prevention and improving built and natural environments.

Councillor Paul Turpin, spokesperson for the committee, said: “Leaving the EU is turning out to be a disaster for the UK, with inflation causing a cost of living crisis and the potential for a return of the troubles in Ireland among the problems.

“We were promised by those in government that we would be better off and there would be more money for the NHS and our poorer regions yet when it comes to giving out money the government are being typically frugal with the north.

“This isn’t good enough and the lies they told to win the referendum are coming out now.”