Sheffield's 20th century neighbourhoods with a 21st century traffic problem

Trying to solve traffic problems in Sheffield is an uphill struggle – and not just because of the city’s endless hills.

By Lucy Ashton
Friday, 6th August 2021, 12:30 pm

The council is currently asking residents in Crookes, Walkley and Nether Edge how it can cut down on traffic and make it easier to walk and cycle.

There’s a lot of talk about cycle lanes and better public transport but one of the biggest complaints in the consultation is about double parking and pavement parking.

The problem is most residents living on the tightly packed streets own a car, and most want to park right outside their house – even blocking junctions to do so.

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Parking problems are an issue in Walkley

Even if people commute by bike or bus, often they still have a car parked on the street.

One resident sums it up by saying: “Parking is generally an issue in this area but I really don’t see how you can improve this. A lot of the houses are old terraces and the only option is for on street parking. People shouldn’t be penalised because they need to park near their own homes.”

Some residents have also blamed multi-occupancy houses for adding to the parking issues.

One person said: “One of the major difficulties is that a lot of the properties are old and do not have dedicated parking space meaning that vehicle owners are forced to park on the road outside their homes.

“School Road is problematic, particularly near the top end. This has become even more of an issue in recent years as so many more students seem to own cars.”

Another resident added: “Crookes is a residential district largely built prior to the widespread ownership of motor vehicles and consequently there are and will continue to be issues with parking.

“This is increased by the high number of houses in multiple occupancy. Land is not generally available for off street parking and where front gardens are converted this is at the inevitable loss of plant life.”

It’s a similar story at Nether Edge where residents are really unhappy at the thought of not being able to park outside their homes.

One said: “Glen Road, Nether Edge Road, Sandford Grove Road are all very congested. Car ownership is high in the area as well as travel through the area.

“Perhaps resident permits may help. Whatever measures are applied they should not penalise access to properties for residents who do use cars as this would adversely affect those with mobility issues. I need assurance that I will still be able to access my address with my car.”

Another Nether Edge resident added: “I’m concerned that I may not be able to get to my house in my car. I need to use my car for commuting to my place of work which is not accessible by public transport.”

And a third added: “I am concerned that I may no longer be able to park my car on the road at a reasonable distance to my house.”

The consultation closes on Friday, August 13 and is available here