Sheffield residents have their say on Donald Trump's UK state visit

US President Donald Trump's visit to the UK has sparked fierce debate among Star readers.

By Lee Peace
Wednesday, 5th June 2019, 7:57 am
Updated Thursday, 6th June 2019, 10:20 am

A big crowd of around 500 people crammed into Barker’s Pool on Monday to voice their disgust at the red carpet welcome being rolled out to the controversial head of state.

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The Star's coverage of the event has prompted numerous comments from readers on Facebook.

Anti Donald Trump protestors gather at Barkers Pool in Sheffield on the first day of the US President's state visit to the UK.

Alison Cartwright-Jones praised those who organised the day of action in Sheffield and added: “Thank you for protesting, you are standing for what you believe in.”

Mark Stringfellow posted: “Good presidents and bad presidents come and go in time but the special bond between the UK and USA will last forever.

“75 years ago thousands of American serviceman came over and died on the shores of Normandy to help liberate Europe, never forget but it seems some have already.”

Julie Batty believes that while President Trump “might not get everything right” he “sure stands by his country not like that lot in our government.”

Julie Bond added: “We’ve welcomed other world leaders so why not him and they weren’t always squeaky clean.”

Protest organiser Maxine Bowler, of Sheffield Stand Up to Racism, said: “He has given a green light to the far right that is moving across Europe.”

A small counter-protest of three people wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ baseballs caps were also present.

There were scuffles as others tried to remove anti-Trump placards from the Women of Steel statue.

One of the counter protesters, David Millward, of Sheffield, said: “Donald Trump says it how it is and he does what he says. Some of it might be wrong but at least he does it.”

Donald Trump’s state visit of the UK began on Monday and is due to end today.

A larger national demonstration against the visit took place in London on Tuesday.