Sheffield pub granted license despite several objections

Sheffield Town Hall
Sheffield Town Hall
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The owners of a hotel have been granted a license for a new pub on their site despite a number of residents objecting.

Dominic and Lauren Seigies, owners of Brewer and Hop Lrd, applied to Sheffield City Council for a premises license on Wostenholm Road, Nether Edge.

Following a licensing sub-committee meeting, the hotel pub will now be open from 6am to 12:30am - serving alcohol from 11am to midnight.

It will also now be able to play live and recorded music until midnight, as well as dance performances - with customers allowed outside until 11pm nightly.

Before the meeting seven residents objected to the plans saying it would cause an increase in noise, litter and anti-social behaviour.

Sarah and Chris Johnson, neighbouring residents, attended the meeting to raise concerns. Ms Johnson said: “Our main issue is about public nuisance with everything that’s obvious really.

“We have been asked to put trust in them and move forward but everything that has happened over the last four years, which is how long Chris and I have lived there, leads us to believe we can’t trust them."

Ms Johnson said issues have included "constant" construction work and anti-social behaviour.

She added: “There is a very long history around this particular location which causes anxiety for the neighbours.”

Ms Johnson said the residents wish Mr and Mrs Seigies all the best in their project and said if they were dealing with a different history they would happily welcome it.

Mr and Mrs Seigies and their solicitor Chris Grunet assured residents and the council there had not been any complaints about noise or anti-social behaviour at the hotel to date.

They added that, moving forward, they hope to "ease issues of the past" and directly deal with any issues that may arise.

Mr Grunet said: “I’ve said this before numerous committees when talking about hotels - lots of noise is a risk to our business as people are paying to stay at the hotel. If we operate in such a way that neighbours are disturbed by noise, our own residents will be disturbed. We have a duty to make sure it is run properly, and we are happy that it will.”