Sheffield nightclub loses licence in heated committee hearing

Managers of a nightclub had their licence removed by Sheffield Council after a spate of noise complaints and a dramatic hearing which saw them address issues over drugs, dogs and loud drum and bass.

Tuesday, 30th July 2019, 6:11 pm
Bassbox nightclub on Snig Hill, in Sheffield city centre, which was previously known as The Boardwalk

Bassbox, on Snig Hill, will no longer be allowed to use the building for their late night club events which involved playing music until around 4am.

It follows months of complaints from residents who claimed the noise levels were too high, despite managers saying limits set by the council were not breached.

Neale Pates, of environmental services, said: “This has been unprecedented in that it is the height of unprofessionalism.”

The decision to revoke the licence was made by the council’s licensing committee at a dramatic hearing in which two Bassbox representatives walked out at different points.

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Mr Pates spoke of more than 470 emails sent to the club about nuisance and said there was a “communication breakdown” between them and managers.

But Sasha Lassu, director and manager of the club, said she received no advice or support and immediately turned the sound down upon receiving texts by enforcement officers.

She said: “Is it worth me even coming here? Is it worth me putting together my sound management plans? Is it worth me spending money on sound proofing?”

Ms Lassu added it felt like a “set-up” and the council had a “vendetta” against her.

“It’s been very heartbreaking. We have put everything into this club.”

She also said nearby residents should expect some noise living close to a nightclub and that they had already turned the volume and bass levels down as much as they reasonably could.

Mr Pates said they had “exhausted” all avenues of co-operation and communication with the club.

Complaints about dogs wandering around the club during closed hours and the smell of drugs seeping into neighbouring properties were also raised. Ms Lassu said her puppies had sometimes been on the club floor when the place was shut, but that this was not a problem, and said checks for drugs were carried out on entry.

Ms Lassu said she would appeal against the decision.