Sheffield mum and little girl campaign for a 20mph speed limit in Park Hill and Norfolk Park

A Sheffield mum and her young daughter presented a petition to councillors calling for a 20mph speed limit in their neighbourhood.

Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 12:34 pm

Nadine Fisher and daughter Matilda handed in the 45-name petition from residents at Norfolk Park and Park Hill.

Ms Fisher said there was already a proposed parking scheme in the neighbourhood and asked if a 20mph limit could be included.

Some residents have already put their own “20 is Plenty” signs in their windows.

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Nadine Fisher and daughter Matilda handed a petition in to full council asking for 20mph speed limits at Park Hill and Norfolk Park

Ms Fisher said: “Our streets are heavily congested, they were built in the pre-war era and residents have at least two cars or more.

“Our roads have cars parked on both sides and it generates a lot of danger crossing the roads.

“We have seen in the last six years a huge increase of families with a lot of very young children.

“This petition was sparked by a particular incident from a friend of mine, who had tried to put her son into the car, and the wing mirror was clipped by a car driving through the road.

“As we spoke to our neighbours and friends, it became clear that this was not an isolated incident but something that has happened or been witnessed very often.”

All residential roads should be 20mph

Mr Fisher said smaller roads had become rat runs and drivers were more inclined to speed because they were hilly.

Coun Douglas Johnson, Executive member for transport, said all residential areas, excluding arterial roads, should be 20mph across the city.

“It’s incredibly important to have a little person there to make this point but we’ve got this rather piecemeal approach of steadily going around the city to build up 20mph zones bit by bit.

“There are currently 89 of these zones still to do and they’re ranked in order of priority, based on road safety. The Norfolk Park and Park Hill one is number 32.

“You would have thought it would be simplest to put in all the infrastructure at the same time but officers say it isn’t quite as straightforward as that.”

Coun Douglas said he couldn’t promise anything but would look into it.