Sheffield Local Elections 2022: The main political parties and their pledges

There are several political parties standing candidates in Sheffield’s local elections in May.

Wednesday, 20th April 2022, 11:31 am

Here, we look at the four main parties who already have a seat on Sheffield Council – Labour, the Greens, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives.

Each party explains what they will do for Sheffield and its residents. In a separate story, the smaller political parties also share their manifesto pledges.


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The Liberal Democrats say they are the only real opposition to the Labour and Green coalition currently running Sheffield Council

Council Leader Terry Fox said: “We are living through incredibly difficult times due to the pandemic and the cost of living crisis. But Labour is on your side.

“This Tory government is too preoccupied with saving Boris Johnson’s job than actually doing anything of substance to support Sheffield.

“This is widening the inequalities in the city but Labour is fighting back and putting Sheffield first.

“Throughout the pandemic we acted when the government dithered. We provided free school meal vouchers to children over school holidays, laptops to children to access home schooling during lockdowns, and extra support for the self-employed.

The Green Party says voting for its candidates is the best way to ensure the local environment continues to be protected and improved

“Labour councillors are committed to treating the cost of living crisis with the same purpose. None of the other political parties in Sheffield are even really talking about the cost of living crisis, let alone facing up to the challenge.

“We have huge ambition for the city, but we don’t have an overall majority of councillors so cannot deliver all of the things the city needs.

“If elected, Labour councillors will implement our local manifesto and put Sheffield first. I urge people to take a look at our manifesto and see what Labour can do for you, your neighbourhood, the local economy, and the environment.”

Terry Fox is Labour’s candidate in the Manor Castle ward. Other candidates are Ayodele Akinduko (Conservatives), Jack Carrington (Yorkshire Party), Ruth Flagg-Abbey (Green Party), Stephanie Kenning (Lib Dems), Alistair Tice (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition).

Labour says its councillors are committed to treating the cost of living crisis

The Green Party

Leader Douglas Johnson said: “The Green Party made Sheffield Council more accountable and open.

“The felling of thousands of street trees showed how far the Labour council was out of touch with public opinion. Greens listen to the views of local people.

“By voting Green in 2021 and winning the referendum on the way the council works, Sheffield got a much better council this year.

“Voting Green continues to be the best way to ensure our local environment continues to be protected and improved – protecting the open green space where you live, making streets easier for people to walk and cycle and making the night-time safer.

“We have ambitious plans to insulate homes, starting with the most disadvantaged residents.Tackling climate change also helps with the cost of living.

“We have planned a Clean Air Zone and unlocked millions of pounds for independent businesses. We need more Green councillors to make sure this still happens.

“Greens campaigned for the move to a committee system so all elected councillors will be involved in decision-making.

The Greens formed the council administration because we will work across political divides so that decisions are better and involve local people.”

Liberal Democrats

Leader Shaffaq Mohammed said: “The Liberal Democrats are the only real opposition to the Labour and Green coalition currently running Sheffield, which risks bankrupting the city within just a couple of years.

“The city has been left in a dire financial situation by Labour. We need fresh leadership at the council in order to get on top of the situation and give Sheffield the future it deserves.

“We will continue to fight to clean up our area of litter and fly tipping and work to tackle climate change.

“Under Lib Dem proposals millions of pounds of budget will be given to local areas, this will mean decisions being taken in the areas they affect, by people who know their neighbourhoods.

“We would improve recycling, make use of brownfield sites to build the badly needed new energy efficient homes rather than building upon our green belt and regenerate our city by working with business.

“We will make sure the council supports all Sheffield’s people, through schemes such as improving the repairs waiting time for council properties, improving the conditions and pay of our city’s much needed carers and by working to address the issues faced by young people with additional needs.”

Shaffaq Mohammed is the Lib Dem candidate in the Ecclesall ward. Other candidates are Peter Gilbert (Greens), Gordon Millward (Conservative), Jenny Prideaux (Labour), Christine Rose (Women’s Equality Party).


Lewis Chinchen said: “Last May the Conservatives in Sheffield saw my election as a councillor in Stocksbridge and Upper Don.

“I was the first Conservative councillor to be elected in the city for a generation. Beyond this success the Conservatives saw the largest increase in vote share of all the parties.

“It is clear that a vote for a Conservative candidate offers a real opportunity to bring more effective challenge and scrutiny to our city council.

“Many residents continue to make the comparison with other towns and cities across northern England and see Sheffield falling behind.

“Conservatives want to put Sheffield back on the map for the right reasons – a place to visit, to do business and to live and work in the greenest of cities.

“Conservative candidates want to promote business friendly policies, protect green spaces from housing development and make sure every penny of public money is spent wisely.

“Last year’s local elections show that people are getting fed up with a council that has run out of ideas, lacks ambition and wastes taxpayers’ money on an industrial scale. More and more people are turning to us as a credible alternative.”

The Stocksbridge candidates are David Chinchen (Conservative), Susan Davidson (Lib Dems), Janet Ridler (Labour), David Willington (Greens).