SHEFFIELD HEELEY: Many voters remain undecided as general election campaigns enter final days

Some voters in Sheffield Heeley constituency are still undecided about who to vote for in the upcoming general election.

Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 12:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 12:00 pm

Like many across the city residents said Brexit and the NHS were the most key issues for them.

Gene Housley said: "It’s the inability of the MPs to come together over different parties and make Brexit happen. They all said they were going to honour the referendum result and then they haven’t.

“I’m a lifelong socialist but I've already voted Conservative in this election because I wouldn’t vote for Corbyn, I think he’s an irritating person.

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Top left: Vincent Eals Bottom left: Gene Housley Right: Alex Gardener

“I’m voting for the people who say they’re going to deliver Brexit, I don’t feel any loyalty to Labour. Even the MP in this area has voted to stay in. We’re only important at election times.

“For Sheffield I’d like to see them take better care of schools, social care and the NHS which I think is what we all want.”

Alex Gardener, manager of a charity shop on Woodseats high street, said: “The NHS is probably the biggest concern in this area. The issues around Boris Johnson negotiating medical supplies and stuff like that. But the general consensus in this area is, it doesn’t matter if you’re Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems - everyone is going to make a lash up of it in some way or another.

“So much confidence has been lost. Even last week those poor people killed at London Bridge, they were saying another 84 people were out on the streets with the same potential as that guy and we’re like ‘well what are you doing about it then?’.

Gene Housley

“They’re all too busy fighting amongst themselves to focus on improving anything."

Vincent Eals, who lives in Sheffield Heeley, said: "At the minute they’re just playing off each other and I find it difficult to pick one. It’s just child's play. They’re grown adults wanting to run the country. They should grow up and do something that makes a difference.

“They say they’ll do something to improve the NHS, schools, raising community spirit, everything and it just falls on deaf ears - at the end of the day we don’t get anything.

“I just want them to bring more people into this area because as you can see it’s a major road to Chesterfield and the town centre but there’s no parking spaces or space for anything else so people just drive through. So independents like ourselves don’t hold out much hope for the future.

Alex Gardener

“It’s like when the flood disaster happened it took them awhile to do anything, I’m not being funny but if it happened down south it would’ve been a national emergency. Unless they’re doing something for themselves they don’t really care."

The candidates for Sheffield Heeley are:

Louise Haigh - Labour

Paul Turpin - Green Party


Simon Clement-Jones - Liberal Democrats

Gordon Gregory - Conservatives

Tracy Knowles - Brexit Party

Vincent Eals