Share your views on anti social behaviour in Sheffield

A community group are collecting views on anti social behaviour in the city centre to help build a case for a policy limiting the sale of alcohol.

By Molly Williams
Thursday, 7th November 2019, 4:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 2:44 pm
Photo by David Jones/PA Wire
Photo by David Jones/PA Wire

Changing Sheffield City Centre Residents’ Association launched the survey and plan to share the data with Sheffield Council’s licensing committee.

Peter Sephton, chair of Changing Sheffield, said they were motivated to do the survey after the licensing committee pulled a report about introducing a cumulative impact policy (CIP) – to limit the number of off licences in areas with lots of anti social behaviour.

He said: “The (council report on CIP) said there had been no new reports of anti social behaviour even though we have been feeding them to the council for the last five years. So we’re doing another survey and need all the reports we can get of people feeling intimidated by the street drinkers staggering around the West Street, Glossop Road, Division Street and Devonshire Green area.”

He said many other major cities including Leeds, Nottingham, Liverpool and Bristol use CIP alongside other schemes and said it was time Sheffield did the same.

Mr Sephton added: “There is ample research evidence that more outlets offering cheap alcohol encourages more alcohol sales and can lead to alcohol related ASB. Unless the Council takes powers to limit outlets the six off-licences currently in West Street could increase to twelve if licence applications are submitted for shops standing empty.”