Rotherham Labour councillors call for end to ‘fire and rehire’ tactics

Rotherham’s Labour councillors are set to call on the prime minister to outlaw companies from using controversial ‘fire and rehire’ tactics.

Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 11:39 am

A motion moved by councillor Wendy Cooksey, vice-Chair of the improving lives select commission to next week’s full council meeting states that the authority will protect residents from “unscrupulous employers”.

Fire and rehire – the practice of dismissing workers and hiring them back on worse deals – is not illegal, but unions say it forces workers to accept worse pay and conditions in order to keep their job.

The notice of motion, to be agreed on by councillors at the next full council meeting, will ask councillor Chris Read, leader of the council, to write to pm Boris Johnson, “demanding he outlaw fire and rehire and act now to keep his promise to local residents to protect their employment terms and conditions”.

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The council also vows it will “not use fire and rehire itself as an employer and discourage its use by council contractors, and to ensure the council has a procurement practice that means we are working with contractors that have good employment, trade union, equality and environmental records.

It also adds that the council will: “Promote the increasing number of progressive local employers prioritising their employees’ standard of living and their wellbeing.”