REVEALED: Sheffield’s most rat-infested roads

A ratA rat
A rat
Sheffield residents called the council’s rat catchers more than 4,655 times in the past couple of years, new figures reveal.

The worst in the city was Deerlands Avenue, in Parson Cross, where residents called Sheffield Council 28 times between January 2016 and February 2019.

Other hotspots included Wensley Street, in Grimesthopre, Manor Oaks Road, in Manor Castle, and Stubbin Lane, in Firth Park, which each had 22 call-outs.

Nine roads had 20 or more, while 28 had 15 or more.

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The figures were released by a Freedom of Information Act request.

It comes after it was revealed there were 9,536 call-outs across the city since 2015.

The worst affected area by far was Burngreave, which had more than double the amount of calls and visits as the second worst area, Darnall.

The council said this was likely due to a targeted scheme to exterminate rats in Burngreave a number of years ago.

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Councillor Jackie Drayton, representative for the Burngreave ward, said residents in more affluent areas were more likely to call private companies instead of the council.

Craig Bebbington, environmental services manager at the council, added: “We would advise any residents who require an investigation to contact the pest control service on 0114 2037410 to arrange an appointment.”

These were the top worst:

Deerlands Avenue, S5, 28

Wensley Street, S4, 22

Manor Oaks Road, S2, 22

Stubbin Lane, S5, 22

Popple Street, S4, 21

Bellhouse Road, S5, 21

Main Road, S9, 21

Maltravers Road, S2, 21

Wordsworth Avenue, S5, 20

Harborough Avenue, S2, 19

Lloyd Street, S4, 19

Prince of Wales Road, S2, 18

Staniforth Road, S9, 18

Uttley Close, S9, 18

Ferrars Road, S9, 17

Burngreave Road, S3, 16

Hinde House Lane, S4, 16

East Bank Road, S2, 16

Horninglow Road, S5, 16

Lindsay Avenue, S5, 16

Page Hall Road, S4, 16

Southey Green Road, S5, 16

Barnsley Road, S5, 15

City Road, S2, 15

Idsworth Road, S5, 15

Kashmir Gardens, S9, 15

Lowedges Crescent, S8, 15

Tideswell Road, S5, 15