Pump burst leaves Sheffield town hall without heating for full council meeting

Sheffield Town HallSheffield Town Hall
Sheffield Town Hall
Councillors and members of the public have been told to bring warm clothing for today’s full council meeting as a pump burst, leaving Sheffield Town Hall without heating.

A letter to members – obtained by the Local Democracy Reporting Service – calls anyone attending this year’s last full council meeting to “bring suitable clothing” after an accident yesterday.

Reportedly, a pump in the heating system in the Town Hall burst, causing hot water and steam to flow out.

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The letter said: “This resulted in the heating system being emptied and the fire alarm being activated. The pump was isolated overnight, and the system was set to refill, which takes several hours.

“Currently, heating engineers are on site. It may take most of the day for the building to reach a comfortable temperature again.”

The severity of the damage and the potential financial consequences of repairing the system are unknown at this time.

The council has been approached for a comment.

The meeting starts at 2pm today (December 6).