Pro-Brexit ‘go slow’ protest stopped by police just ten minutes in

Drivers taking part in a pro-Brexit ‘go slow’ protest in Doncaster have been stopped by police just ten minutes in.

The convoy of 25 to 30 vehicles including a HGV and three buses was stopped on the Great Yorkshire Way before reaching the M18.

It is unclear at this point if motors will be seized.

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Speaking on Facebook live, Yorkshire Brexit Action Group’s page admin Chris Hicks said: “The police straight away pulled us all over, directed us off the motorway, split us up and are now trying to seize our cars.

“The police have caused a massive tailback and I must add that to start with the police said that we could do the protest as long as we stuck to one lane.

“So we agreed to that, in a fashion, then before we got on the motorway, the police pulled us over and said they were seizing our vehicles.”

There are reports that the protest has caused huge delays for drivers trying to get into Doncaster, with queues starting at junction three and trailing back to B&Q on White Rose Way.

The police warned of possible prosecutions yesterday.