Plans to close part of Sheffield street to traffic divide opinion - with some branding it “insane” and others calling it a “brilliant” idea

Plans to close part of a Sheffield street to traffic have divided opinion, with some calling it “insane” and others saying it is a “brilliant” idea.

By Lucy Ashton, Local Democracy Reporter
Monday, 2nd August 2021, 11:25 am

More than 475 people have responded to a consultation by Sheffield Council on plans for an enhanced cycle route from Pond Hill in the city centre to Woodseats Road.

Most comments have responded to a suggestion to close off Little London Road under the railway bridge near to the junction with Rydal Road to traffic. Motorists would still be able to access venues via alternative routes.

Those against the idea say it will push more traffic onto the already congested Woodseats Road and Abbeydale Road.

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The road.

One person called it “ludicrous” and said: “This is not going to force people out of their cars and onto bikes, please stop deluding yourselves. Buses are ridiculously expensive, public transport provision is not adequate.

“Sort that first before frustrating motorists who have very few viable affordable or comfortable alternatives, particularly those with small children.

“Removing this popular, low impact route, which will force traffic into adjacent residential areas and add to the existing congestion, is frankly insane.”

Another person said the plans were “poorly thought through” while a few dubbed it “a disaster”.

One commuter said: “I travel along Woodseats Road regularly and the last time they closed Little London Road for work to be carried out it gridlocked Woodseats Road. Buses could not get through and during rush hour you could be sat there for 40 minutes.”

But cyclists and pedestrians welcomed the idea. One said: “This is brilliant. The road under the bridge is a deathtrap and should have been closed to cars ages ago.

“I used to cycle a lot but have lost my nerve of late and this would really help me get back on my bike.”

Parents are also in favour. One said: “I have to walk along Little London Road with my two young kids all the time, frequently having to walk with them under the bridge. It feels so dangerous as it currently is, this scheme would literally be a lifesaver.”

Another parent added: “The bridge is terrifying to walk through and I have to do it daily with a small child – it should have been sorted out years ago.”

A third was “thrilled” with the idea. “I regularly walk down Little London Road with my baby in his pushchair and I have lost count of the number of times I have had to cross the road or walk in the road because so many idiots mount the pavement to park leaving no space for a buggy or wheelchair to get past!

“Little London Road seems to attract the Fast and the Furious wannabes who speed down that road with no regard for their safety or the safety of others. Closing the through road under the bridge will hopefully end the use of Little London Road as a race track.”

The consultation is open until Friday, August 13 and is available here