Plans to build new homes on Sheffield green fields are resubmitted – a year after councillors refused them

Residents are gearing up for another fight after controversial plans to build a housing estate on green fields were resubmitted.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2022, 11:50 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd March 2022, 2:28 pm

Councillors threw out proposals for 41 houses on five fields at Wood Royd Road in Deepcar in February 2021.

The planning board voted seven against, four in favour and two abstensions following a lengthy discussion.

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A resident has submitted a photo to Sheffield Council planners showing recent flooding at Wood Royd Road, Deepcar

More than 100 local residents, Stocksbridge Town Council and Stocksbridge city councillor Fran Johnson had objected.

Now the plans have been resubmitted, again for 41 homes. DLP Planning says the council cannot demonstrate a five year supply of housing and relevant policies are out of date.

They also point to the recent application at Hollin Busk, 500 metres away, where a planning inspector overruled the council at an appeal and gave permission for up to 85 homes.

Risk of flooding

Wood Royd Road fields are not classed as green belt but councillors refused the original plans because it would be a loss of open space and biodiversity. They were also concerned about drainage and highway issues.

Residents are already objecting to the resubmitted application. One said: “It was rejected last year and nothing has changed.

“It is only February and we have already had two near misses with flooding. Wood Royd is covered in signs due to us nearly flooding on February 20 and 21, it happened in January as well.

“A team of men worked all day, they put up a sandbag wall that went around the open manhole where the pump has to direct the water.

“We had to have a second pump brought from Leeds as there was so much water coming down that one pump couldn’t get rid of it. It was still being pumped out 48 hrs later.

“When the water comes over from the glen it floods the whole row of cottages to the west of the site. A river flows down each end of the row down the fields onto Helliwell Lane.

“This application is very stressful to all the residents around this beautiful green area, one of very few left. There is also rare wildlife.”

Planning officers are considering the application.