Plans revealed for a 'poker training academy' in Sheffield

A poker company hopes its plans to open a new training academy in Sheffield will be a safe bet.

By Lucy Ashton, Local Democracy Reporter
Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 1:52 pm

Big Bluff wants to convert offices at Bold Street, Attercliffe, into an academy for private poker gaming events.

It will offer masterclasses to members “teaching them to be better, if not the best, poker player at the table and in life”.

The private gaming venue is different to a casino as the ‘house’ will not profit from the events, revenue is generated via the training academy, and it will be by invitation only.

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The poker academy could be here.

Big Bluff says they are experts in promoting the best private poker games in Europe and have trained over 1,500 croupiers across Europe and the United States so far.

In a planning application, it says: “We specialise in holding private events, tournaments and shows which involves poker, texas holdem, and pro games.

“We also own the best and biggest poker and croupier training academy in the UK and offer special training programmes to the candidates all around the world.

“We work closely with the best and most experienced licensed croupiers to provide the private training that is needed in the gaming industry.”

Big Bluff has been running its academy and private poker events from various locations but wants to bring all the operations under one roof in new headquarters.

The ground floor would house admin, accounts, marketing, sales team, executive officers, research team and engineers with a canteen as staff will work different day and night shifts.

The first floor academy would have room for six table poker for private tournaments. On an event night there will be 40 to 50 customers, with new employment opportunities for 11 staff.

Big Bluff says it’s the first and only of its kind offering a member-only poker and strategy games academy and also a club hosting bespoke events and special parties for executive members.

The application adds: “Big Bluff is a school that offers training and teachings about the game of poker.

“Poker is not just a game of cards where the winner takes it all and the losers walk home frustrated, but a strategic game that hones one’s strategic skill set amongst others.

“Just like chess, which is the most strategically renowned game, the game of poker also has similar effect on the players as you make moves after scrutinizing and taking a calculated risk when you raise the bet or go all in because you don’t want to be at the losing end of the table.

“The various tactics of the game – which have already been put to use countless times in one’s daily activities, especially in the fields of strategy, planning and leadership in business – will yield very good and positive results.

“The use of the popularly known poker face expression in business dealings and other real-life situations, is an example of how we can be positively influenced by the game.”

Planning officers are considering the application, which can be viewed here