Plans for 99 homes in Rotherham approved

Plans for 99 new homes in Swallownest have been approved by Rotherham Council’s planning board today (July 22).

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 1:43 pm

The proposals, on land to the east of Park Hill Farm, will include 17 affordable homes, a new access road and up to 259 parking spaces.

Bellway Homes will pay RMBC more than £320,000 in S106 cash, toward education, sustainable travel, the maintenance of trees to the south fo the site, and improvements to children’s play area at West Park Drive.

Bellway will also pay £4,400 per tree on Park Hill, if lost as a result of the new footpath.

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The site.

A heritage statement states that the site “falls within the setting to the Park Hill Farm House barn ranges and as such the proposed development will have potential to impact upon the significance of the two listed buildings, designated heritage assets.

“The proposed development will, in part, diminish the evidential value of surrounding agricultural land in illustrating the historic function of the listed buildings and reduce the openings to the setting of the group.

“it is considered that the proposed development will, through loss of historicagricultural setting and openness to the listed buildings, give rise to a degree of harm to the significance with setting of the buildings.

A number of objections to the land designated as public open space were made in writing to RMBC, due to the lack of “an actual outline of a boundary” between the converted barn resident’s drives and property, and the space.

An objector added: “The proposal would damage the legibility of the historic farmstead and remove the separation between the historic farmstead and a modern suburban development.”

LisaBrooks, planning officer at RMBC told the meeting: “The less than substantial harm caused by the development will be mitigated by the public benefit of providing new houses.

Ms Brooks added that the CCG are currently drawing on funding to increase the capacity of GP services.

Paul Lawton, planning manager for Bellway homes told the meeting that he proposals have been developed following “extensive assessment work on matters such as highways, drainage, heritage, air quality, and landscape.

“Public consultation exercise was undertaken and there have been very limited numbers of public objections.”