Petition urges Sheffield City Region mayor to back People’s Vote on Brexit deal: ‘Reconsider and drop your opposition’

A petition calling for Sheffield City Region mayor Dan Jarvis to support a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal has attracted a strong response.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 9:14 am
Updated Friday, 12th April 2019, 10:48 am

The politician, who juggles his mayoral role with his duties as Labour MP for Barnsley Central, has twice opposed such a ballot – also known as a ‘confirmatory vote’, allowing the public to give a final verdict on a deal – in Parliament.

Members of Sheffield For Europe, who organised the petition, assembled outside Sheffield Town Hall to collect signatures from passers-by. More than 500 names were gathered in 48 hours and the document can still be signed online.

The group says Mr Jarvis should ‘recognise his wider role’ as mayor, as well as pointing out that he has defied Labour policy on a People’s Vote.

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Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis

Chairman of Sheffield for Europe, Mary Seneviratne, said: “The fact that so many people have backed this petition in so short a time sends a message to Mr Jarvis about the concern and feelings on this issue.

“When we launched the petition in Sheffield city centre on Saturday it was being signed by someone every 20 seconds.

“Mr Jarvis must see that after so much has changed in the three years since the flawed EU referendum and the people of South Yorkshire want the right to have a say on any exit deal.”

A truck with a large hoarding bearing the message ‘63 per cent of Sheffield residents want a final say on Brexit’ has been touring the city centre.

People adding their signatures to the petition calling on Dan Jarvis to back a confirmatory vote.

The petition says: “The EU has brought considerable benefits to your region. There is growing support in the region for a ‘confirmatory referendum’ on a Brexit deal approved by Parliament, as the only legitimate way to solve the crisis that Brexit has caused the country.

“We, the undersigned, therefore urge you to reconsider and drop your opposition to such a confirmatory referendum.”

Mr Jarvis was unavailable for comment, but a statement from him on his website says: “The Government’s own analysis shows that leaving without any form of trade deal will lead to a seven per cent fall in the size of the Yorkshire economy.

“This would cause very significant levels of job losses – especially in manufacturing - and have a serious impact on the lives of residents in Barnsley and South Yorkshire.

People adding their signatures to the petition calling on Dan Jarvis to back a confirmatory vote.

“I do not believe that leaving the EU with no deal is in our country’s best interests. It is my duty to fight for the best possible withdrawal agreement until the last possible moment.”

Sheffield For Europe planed to hand in the petition at the City Region office on Broad Street West yesterday.

Members of Sheffield for Europe outside the Town Hall.