Objections forced council to retain double yellow lines on busy Barnsley road

Barnsley Town HallBarnsley Town Hall
Barnsley Town Hall
Barnsley Council’s cabinet was told to approve changes on a busy road – but leave the proposed removal of double yellow lines.

The cabinet will approve the recommendations to introduce new waiting restrictions on parts of both sides of Armroyd Lane in Elsecar.

Originally, the proposal included plans to remove the existing double yellow lines (no waiting at any time restrictions) on the south-east side of Armroyd Lane at Elsecar, between the Sports Hall to a point just before the unnamed access Lane to Elsecar Park.

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However, 77 objections were received during the consultation period.

Objectors told the officers that the plans would result in some residents being unable to exit or enter their properties safely and concerns of potential speeding were also noted.

The traffic officers’ response was: “The objectors’ concerns have merit and it is considered that the extents of the proposed restrictions should be extended, which is anticipated will address the concerns that have been raised.

Barnsley Council is not responsible for providing on-street parking facilities for residents, visitors, district nurses etc. but it is responsible for maintaining a safe highway network.”

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Following the objections raised, the new proposal would retain the proposed no waiting at any time restrictions on the northern side of Armroyd Lane as originally published and extend the existing no waiting at any time restrictions on the southern side of Armroyd Lane up to its junction with Fitzwilliam Street and for a further 15 metres (total of 20 metres) west of the driveway to the Old Vicarage.

The cabinet will debate the proposal at the next meeting at 10am on September 6 (Wednesday).