"Nightmare" on a Sheffield street as construction blocks business for over a year

The Shaw's sight one morning this week when they arrived at work
The Shaw's sight one morning this week when they arrived at work
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The managers of successful Trippets Lounge Bar said they have been living in "hell" as constant construction work has blocked their business for over a year.

Debbie and Carl Shaw, owners of the bar and restaurant on Trippet Lane, said over the past 15 months they suffered a series of construction work which has taken place on their doorstep.

A stack of wood blocking the front door of the restaurant

A stack of wood blocking the front door of the restaurant

They are now even more concerned as Sheffield City Council recently approved plans to build a seven-storey block of student flats facing Trippets, despite objection by planning officers.

Ms Shaw said: "We found out via the Sheffield Star that we're going to have another building and so it'll all start again. I just want to cry.

"I'm not against student accommodation, we've got a lot of students here who bring a lot to the city and we all need to make something out of that but it's just the ill considered workmanship and that's been a nightmare."

Ms Shaw said problems began in September 2016 when work was being done on a neighbouring building.

Construction van blocking the front door of the restaurant/bar

Construction van blocking the front door of the restaurant/bar

"There was boarding half way in front of the road that came right in front of the window. From the bottom of Trippet Lane you couldn't even see us as the boarding was that high.

"They promised the earth and all I wanted was the windows washing down once a week and painting when they leave. Nothing much.

"It was just a nightmare. It just went on and never seemed to get any better. They never once paid for any of the window washing or addressed other problems, we used to get workmen sitting on the windows when people are trying to dine and they have to look at their backsides.

"The work has to be done but it's the inefficiency that makes everybody cross.

"We're between a rock and a hard place. We've got some very fabulous customers who come in and say 'I'll not mention outside, Debbie' because they really do sympathise with us."

This week alone she said was "hell" as a van, stacks of wood and a construction delivery the height of the windows blocked the entrance and front of the restaurant. Meanwhile, on the other side of the road there is a free path which would have only blocked a derelict wall.

The Amey construction workers on site said they were currently carrying out checks under the road.

"I'm not the only business who's had to suffer this," Ms Shaw said. "It's been happening all over the city, people are tearing their hair out and no one seems to have any thought about what it's doing to our businesses."

Trippets only opened three years ago which means they are not old enough to show a downturn in business to claim any compensation, Ms Shaw said.

She added that she contacted the Council a number of times to find out what was happening but was passed on to various people and nothing was resolved.

"It's just a constant battle we've had, to try and trade as an independent business in a city that is supposed to big us up and like all that. It keeps knocking us when we are already against the odds with other things that we have to cope with as well, it just seems unfair sometimes."

The Grapes pub, a neighbouring building to the proposed flats, has put in a formal objection to the new plans stating the development will disrupt business, car parking and block out light to the side and some of the rear windows of The Grapes.

The Council refused to comment at this time.