More than 30,000 bus lane fines handed out to drivers of taxis and other vehicles in Sheffield

Around 10,000 penalty notices are issued to taxi drivers for going in bus lanes each year – even though they are allowed to do so.

Monday, 19th July 2021, 2:29 pm

Sheffield Council says the majority of the fines are later cancelled once the drivers produce evidence that they were in a taxi.

Liberal Democrat Leader Coun Shaffaq Mohammed asked how many fines were issued to taxis for unauthorised use of bus lanes or bus gates in the last three years.

The council said there had been 31,101 penalty charge notices issued to taxis and other vehicles which are authorised to use bus lanes.

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Bus lanes.

Coun Douglas Johnson, Executive member for transport, said: “There is a process in place with Sheffield Council’s licensing team where the data is automatically shared with parking services once a vehicle and driver have been licensed.

“This is added to an exemption list and uploaded to the camera system.

“There isn’t the ability to put the same process in place with other licensing authorities, so many of these penalty charge notices are issued and then cancelled when drivers supply evidence to prove they are licensed.”

The council also said there had been 28 reports of vehicles parking in cycle lanes in the last three years.

Coun Johnson said the council could get new powers to fine motorists for minor driving offences such as waiting in yellow boxes and blocking traffic; make a turn despite signs prohibiting it and ignoring weight restrictions on roads.