‘Lovely’ hotel extends hours despite objections

The owner of an award-winning hotel is looking forward to a summer of picnics, later evenings and wedding parties after they were granted longer hours and the sale of alcohol.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 26 April, 2019, 11:41
Brocco on the Park

Tina Carr, owner of Brocco on the Park, applied to extend her venue’s opening hours, serve alcohol later and sell alcohol on site.

The application was approved by Sheffield City Council despite objections from neighbours who had worries about an increase in noise and nuisance related to drinking.

Ms Carr said: “My primary focus is the hotel so I don’t want anything that would disturb guests or cause them to complain.

“The people we attract are mostly families from very young to 90-year-olds celebrating their birthday. We take it seriously and we take our residents seriously too. We are not trying to change the nature of the business, we are just trying to keep it going.”

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David Black, who lives nearby the hotel, formally objected and attended the meeting. He said it was 'a lovely place which is very well run' but raised concerns about how the changes would impact the neighbourhood.

Ms Carr’s legal adviser, Michelle Hazelwood, said 21 temporary notices had previously been lodged asking for even later hours. She added that all of these were approved with no opposition and no complaints from residents.

Scott Royal, who lives slightly further away from the hotel than Mr Black, formally supported the application and came to the meeting to give his support. He said his family visited regularly, adding: “I fully support this application because I feel the people running it will do their utmost to look after it and it’s a significant benefit to the local area.”

The council's verdict allows Brocco to sell bottled alcoholic drinks and open later on 50 days each year.