Local elections: full list of candidates in every Sheffield ward

The full list of candidates running in the 2022 local Sheffield elections has been revealed.

Thursday, 7th April 2022, 1:55 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th April 2022, 4:44 pm

It promises to be another interesting race in Sheffield following big changes at the last locals which saw the Labour leader unseated and the council pushed to no overall control.

This past year saw the first Labour and Green coalition and from May the council will operate under a modern committee system which aims to give all councillors more say in decisions.

Labour, Green, Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties have representatives in all of the 28 wards.

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Polling station on Stafford Road, Sheffield

Other parties putting candidates forward include the Northern Independence Party, Women’s Equality Party, Yorkshire Party, Communist Party of Britain, UKIP and Reform UK.

City leaders are among those up for re-election such as Terry Fox, leader of the council (Labour); Gail Smith, current Lord Mayor (Liberal Democrats); Shaffaq Mohammed, leader of Sheffield Liberal Democrats; Paul Wood, executive member for housing, roads and waste management (Labour); and Jayne Dunn, executive member for education, children and families (Labour).

The city will say goodbye to several well-known councillors who are not running for re-election.

Those standing down this year are: Cate McDonald, executive member for finance and resources (Labour), Chris Rosling-Josephs (Labour), Moya O’Rourke (Labour), Francyne Johnson, (Labour), Neale Gibson (Labour), Jack Scott (Labour), Alison Teal, executive member for sustainable neighbourhoods, wellbeing, parks and leisure (Green Party) and Kaltum Rivers (Green Party).

Local election count at the English Institute of Sport Sheffield. Votes being counted shortly after the polling stations closed around the city.

Alongside the council elections there is a South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority election to replace Dan Jarvis.

Candidates running in that election are: David Bettney (Social Democratic Party), Simon Biltcliffe (Yorkshire Party), Oliver Coppard (Labour), Joe Otten (Liberal Democrats), Clive Watkinson (Conservative) and Bex Whyman (Green Party).

Polling day is Thursday, May 5.

If you have not already, register to vote by 11:59pm on 14 April here: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Who is running in your ward:

Park and Arbourthorne

Jen Barnard, Green Party

Richard Blyth, Conservative

Jack Jeffery, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Ann Kingdom, Liberal Democrats

Nabeela Mowlana, Labour and Co-operative

Gareth O’Shanks, Yorkshire Party

Beauchief and Greenhill

Lisa Banes, Labour and Co-operative

Simon Clement-Jones, Liberal Democrats

Elizabeth Finney, Conservative

Graham Marsden, Green Party


Kurtis Crossland, Liberal Democrats

Julie Gledhill, Labour

Anthony Naylor, Green Party

Robert Prior, Conservative


James Ellwood, Liberal Democrats

Alex Martin, Yorkshire Party

Karen McGowan, Labour Party

Steven Winstone, Conservative

Alan Yearsley, Green Party

Broomhill and Sharrow Vale

Noah Eden, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Gordon Gregory, Conservative

Maleiki Haybe, Green Party

Alison Norris, Labour and Co-operative

Tom Parkin, Liberal Democrats


Mustafa Ahmed, Green Party

Seun Ajao, Conservative

Mark Jones, Labour

Christopher Lynch, Liberal Democrats


Adam Calvert, Northern Independence Party – Nationalise Energy Companies

Martin Phipps, Green Party

Gareth Slater, Labour

Andrew Smith, Conservative

Julia Wright, Liberal Democrats

Crookes and Crosspool

Isabelle France, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Nathan Howard, Northern Independence Party – Nationalise Energy Companies

Josiah Luck, Green Party

Mohammed Mahroof, Liberal Democrats

Minesh Parekh, Labour and Co-operative

John Stansfield-Bay, Conservative


Adil Mohammed, Liberal Democrats

Zahira Naz, Labour

Christopher Pitchfork, Conservative

Diane Spencer, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Eamonn Ward, Green Party

Dore and Totley

Gill Black, Green Party

Sara Chinchen, Conservative

Martin Smith, Liberal Democrats

Leon Warsama, Labour

East Ecclesfield

Adam Allcroft, Conservative

Craig Gamble Pugh, Labour and Co-operative

Kate Guest, Liberal Democrats

Ashley Routh, Green Party


Peter Gilbert, Green Party

Gordon Millward, Conservative

Shaffaq Mohammed, Liberal Democrats

Jenny Prideaux, Labour

Christine Rose, Women’s Equality Party

Firth Park

Irshad Akbar, Liberal Democrats

Joydu, Al-Mahfuz Green Party

Alexander Brown, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Abtisam Mohamed, Labour

Steve Toone, Conservative

April Worrall, Social Democratic Party


Matthew Killeya, Labour

Judith Rutnam, Green Party

Christine Saunders, Conservative

Cliff Woodcraft, Liberal Democrats

Gleadless Valley

Shirley Clayton, Conservative

John Dryden, Liberal Democrats

Marieanne Elliot, Green Party

Rebecca Fryer, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Jackie Kennedy, Labour Party

Graves Park

Steve Ayris, Liberal Democrats

Lucy Critchlow, Green Party

Chris Garratt, Conservative

Edd Mustill, Labour


Joe Hibbert, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Theresa Morrison, Conservative

Henry Nottage, Green Party

Josie Paszek, Labour

Will Sapwell, Liberal Democrats

Manor Castle

Ayodele Akinduko, Conservative

Jack Carrington, Yorkshire Party

Ruth Flagg-Abbey, Green Party

Terry Fox, Labour

Stephanie Kenning, Liberal Democrats

Alistair Tice, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


Mark Finney, Conservative

Samantha Nicholson, Labour and Co-operative

Gail Smith, Liberal Democrats

Julie White, Green Party

Nether Edge and Sharrow

Nighat Basharat, Labour

John Chapman, Conservative

Holly Johnston, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Graham Wroe, Green Party

Tariq Zaman, Liberal Democrats


Dennis Bannan, Yorkshire Party

Lesley Blyth, Conservative

Mike Drabble, Labour

Catherine Hartley, Green Party

Simon Moulton, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Susan Ross, Liberal Democrats

Shiregreen and Brightside

Carrie Hedderwick, Communist Party of Britain

Diane Leek, Liberal Democrats

Milton Pennefather, Green Party

Zoe Steane, Conservative

Garry Weatherall, Labour and Co-operative


Jayne Dunn, Labour

Andrew Hards, Green Party

Anthony May, Conservative

Rob Reiss, Liberal Democrats


Bridget Kelly, Labour and Co-operative

Ian McHugh, Green Party

Vickie Priestley, Liberal Democrats

Stuart Shepherd, independent

Michael Virgo, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Ben Woollard, Conservative

Stocksbridge and Upper Don

David Chinchen, Conservative

Susan Davidson, Liberal Democrats

Janet Ridler, Labour

David Willington, Green Party


Alexander Helie, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Tom Hunt, Labour

Victoria Kensdale, Women’s Equality Party

Evelyn Millward, Conservative

David Pallot, Liberal Democrats

Logan Robin, Green Party

West Ecclesfield

Kathy Aston, Green Party

John Booker, Reform UK

Mike Levery, Liberal Democrats

Kevin Mahoney, Conservative

Matthew Wilson, Labour


Phil Edwardson, Liberal Democrats

Liam Hardy, Green Party

Sarah Hobson, independent

Simon Jenkins, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Ian Walker, Conservative

Paul Wood, Labour