"It's a miracle" - Doncaster sends a Tory in Nick Fletcher to Westminster where Labour held seat since 1922

Doncaster is sending a Tory MP to Westminster for the first time since 1955 in what’s been described as a ‘miracle’ and ‘historic occasion’ in Doncaster.

By George Torr, Local Democracy Reporter
Friday, 13th December 2019, 7:44 am
Updated Friday, 13th December 2019, 7:44 am
Jubilant Conservatives after Nick Fletcher was elected as MP for Don Valley
Jubilant Conservatives after Nick Fletcher was elected as MP for Don Valley

Tory Nick Fletcher becomes the first MP to wear the blue rosette from Doncaster since Anthony Barber in a seat which has been in Labour control since 1922.

Fletcher, who lives in Bawtry and runs an electrician business, joked in his speech he wouldn’t be at work for a while as he prepares for a career in Westminster.

The winning candidate, seemed taken aback by the result and repeated Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s much repeated slogan on Brexit.

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Nick Fletcher

He was hesitant to speak to the media before the result was announced - understandably nervous. All the polls indicated an upset in the run up to election night.

Huge cheers went up from Conservative activists as the result turned for Fletcher in contrast to downbeat Labour supporters who hoped Flint’s consistent message on leaving the EU post referendum would carry her home.

He said: “This truly is an historic occasion here in Doncaster. This is the most humbling experience and I am honoured to be given this opportunity.

“I’d like to thank the people that voted for me. All those who read my leaflets, liked posts on social media, all the people that answered the door on those cold rainy days, took time to listen to me and all the people who didn’t want to know me who were kind and courteous to send me on my way.

Caroline Flint

“I’d like to thank all the guys and girls at work - keep it up - I won’t be in for a while.

“My thanks also go to God and the people who prayed for me - I know some people don’t believe but I do. If you want to see a miracle, look no further than here now.

“Whenever we have winners or losers, it can bring division. Brexit has shown this but if you’re a leaver or a remainer, a Labour supporter, a Green party follower, a Liberal in fact whoever you are, whatever your background, whatever you believe, I am now your MP and I want to bring us together however I can.

“This is a great borough, a great town and a great country. Let’s work hard together, play hard together and let’s be kind to one another.

Conservative activists celebrate Nick Fletcher being elected at MP for Don Valley

“As Boris has said a thousand times, let’s get Brexit done.”