Hundreds turn out for Sheffield city centre COP 26 demonstration over global warming

Hundreds turned out on the streets of Sheffield to demand world leaders take action on climate change.

Saturday, 6th November 2021, 4:43 pm

Green campaigners marched from Devonshire Green to the steps of Sheffield City Hall, via The Moor, to demand action over global warming, in a march organised by the Sheffield COP 26 Coalition.

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Green organisations including Extinction Rebellion and the Green Party, socialist groups, and faith groups were involved in the umbrella group.

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Anjali Gupta, Tyler Simmonite and Shanaz Patel, from Greystones, at the Sheffield COP 26 demonstration

Greener Greenhill members were among those taking part in the rally, carrying their group's banner.

Group member Vicky Hoar said she wanted to support the Greener Greenhill group and show her serious concerns about the state of the climate, and to show world leaders that people were out in numbers. She said she wanted to show a political will was needed.

"It can be done, in our opinion,” she said.

Among those taking part in the rally was the Sheffield Green Councillor Angela Argenzio.

The Sheffield COP 26 demonstration

She said she thought people in Sheffield were working hard towards making the city greener, and teenagers were putting pressure on their parents and on those running the city to do so.

Grandmother Maggie Gray, from Nether Edge, said: "I’ve got two grandchildren and there's going to be very little for them when they're older. I think this issue is very important.

“It’s encouraging to see so many people here.”

Natasha Brooks had come into Sheffield from her home in the Hope Valley for the rally.

Natasha Brooks, from the Hope Valley, at the Sheffield COP 26 demonstration

She said: “I want to see concrete action. I’d like to see the country signing up and committing to change. Things are not happening quickly enough and everything needs to speed up for the sake of the planet.”

Sheffield mum and Green Party supporter Olivia Bliss said she had two young boys, and wanted to protect the future of her children.

"It's so important we act for their future," she said.

She said there was only so much individuals could do, but there was always more that could be done, and Sheffield needed to electrify its buses to create affordable green transport.

Greener Greenhill members at the Sheffield COP 26 demonstration

After gathering at Devonshire Green, the protesters headed along Fitzwilliam Street and Fitzwilliam Gate, before heading along the Moor, through the pedestrianised area until the reached Barkers Pool for the rally on the steps of the City Hall.

Lucinda Wakefield, one of the organisers from the Sheffield COP 26 Coalition, who led the procession at the head of the march, said: “We’re here today to send a clear message to those holding the event in Glasgow (Cop 26) to demand that they do something about Climate Change.

"We feel we need to be present in Sheffield. There are 300 of these events internationally and it's about having our voice.

She said it had been hard to guess how many people were taking part.

She said: “It doesn't matter if it's hundreds or thousands – it's the fact that there are so many wanting to have a voice.

“Now is the time we have to make a choice. We don't have a future if we don't do something now.”

The Sheffield COP 26 demonstration

“I'm really pleased with the turnout. There is a mass of people here that is really reflective of wanting change.

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