Hundreds of residents call for action to tackle traffic problems in two Sheffield neighbourhoods

Hundreds of people are supporting plans to tackle traffic problems in their neighbourhood – with parked cars one of the biggest complaints.

Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 5:06 pm

More than 300 people have responded to a Sheffield Council consultation asking how roads in Crookes and Walkley could be improved.

There are calls for more pedestrian crossings, better cycling routes and measures to reduce speeding but parking is repeatedly flagged up as an issue.

Many residents say double parked cars and pavement parking are causing problems.

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Parking problems.

One person said: “At times it is difficult to pass vehicles that mount the pavement, I have had to push a pushchair onto the road to go around a car.

“Around Heavygate Avenue cars have begun to mount grass verges and have caused unsightly damage.

“Cars are starting to impose on recreational space, to the extent that one even drives across the green to cut off the crescent.

“It needs to be made clear that pavement and recreational greens are safe for pedestrians from cars.

“There is no longer the infrastructure in Walkley to incorporate two or more car households.

“A campaign might be useful where people expect to park outside their house. It is not feasible to have empty spaces outside all of our houses, just because some of us feel entitled to that space.

“At times, we might need to park a few metres away, and information explaining why this is the case might be helpful to prevent some of the aggravation that has ensued from reductions in parking availability.”

Another added: “For pedestrians the main issue is pavement parking, with pavements on most streets impassable at some point without stepping into the road, especially if you are pushing a pram or carrying bags of shopping.

“Some of the steeper streets in Walkley are particularly bad for this. I’d welcome any sort of brave intervention to reclaim the pavements for pedestrian use.”

And a cyclist said: “I commute by bike regularly through Crookes. School Road is always busy with parked cars, which can make visibility at junctions difficult, but the narrow section by Whitworth Pharmacy is a particular tight spot.

“This can be quite unsafe at times, as drivers can sometimes speed up to try and get past you before you get to the narrow part. If you’re waiting at the start of this constriction, you can sometimes have a car driving straight at you at 30-40 mph and swerving to get around you.”

Some residents don’t want parking removed though. One said: “Don’t make it harder to park, there is an elderly population too, please consider how they’re going to get around.”

One person blamed commuters, saying: “Cobden View Road – ban University staff from parking on this road as it’s always congested and there’s nowhere for residents to park”

But another person pleaded: “Please, please don’t make Western Road parking permits only or the teachers, factory workers and parents will have nowhere to park.”

The consultation runs until Friday, August 13 and you can have your say here