‘Hopeful’ progress reported at collapsed old Grenoside Junior and Infant School in Sheffield

The site of the old Grenoside Infant and Junior SchoolThe site of the old Grenoside Infant and Junior School
The site of the old Grenoside Infant and Junior School
A ward councillor is “hopeful” about the plans for the site of an old Victorian school in Sheffield.

Almost nine months after one of the buildings at the old Grenoside Junior and Infant School on Norfolk Hill collapsed, the site – which has been cordoned off ever since – is still an eyesore.

The iconic and historic Victorian buildings were built in 1884 and used up until 2006 when a modern and much bigger new school opened its gates across the road.

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The old junior and infant school’s buildings have been vacant ever since and while there have been plans for the site.

Councillor Alan Hooper (West Ecclesfield, Liberal Democrats) said it has been sold off a couple of times now – with little to no progress.

However, he told the Local Democracy Reporting Service, this could change in 2024.

He said: “It’s been a bit of a nightmare since, I would say, 2006 when the new school was built and they departed the old Victorian school.

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“The site has been sold off four times from initial auction and different plans have been drawn for it and subsequently they decreased the value of the land so it’s gone for less money.”

Cllr Hooper said the council had nothing to do with the site now as the previous owners’ plans had expired.

He added: “Since 2013, the people that bought the site hadn’t moved with it so new people purchased the house with plans to re-develop it.

“I’m hoping that the building that is still standing can be converted into a family house.

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“Originally the plans with the conditions were to retain the two buildings but of course that’s now impossible.”

He said: “Currently, we’ve got a local family who now own the site and are getting plans drawn up to develop the site.

“It should be ready now…

“Unfortunately, the front school collapsed… It’s been neglected right from the beginning…

“But the progress now is hopeful.”