Homes approved despite protests

Sheffield Town Hall
Sheffield Town Hall
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Two detached houses will be built in a popular Sheffield suburb despite complaints from neighbours about “garden grabbing”.

Residents had objected to plans to build two, three-storey houses on part of the garden at 200 Abbey Lane. They said the buildings would be overpowering, blocking out light.

Neighbour Gerald Unwin told a planning board meeting: “The scale is totally out of proportion with the two-storey houses in the area, these are block like buildings. It’s a small space for two detached houses and they will not sit comfortably in the streetscape.

“My eyesight is not what it was and this will deprive me of the light I need for my ceramic sculptures and carvings which add to my quality of life. This sheer cliff face of a wall would be over dominating, dark and depressing.”

The council received 12 objections, although six were from people living some distance away. Local councillor Alison Teal also objected.

Officers agreed there would be some loss of light but said it was not a strong enough reason for the plans to be rejected.

Coun Jack Clarkson voted against the plans. He said: “If there had been just one house and it was central in the garden I would have had no problem with this will be overbearing.”

The rest of the planning board approved the plans.