Historic Sheffield lime tree to be protected – despite objection from owner

Councillors unanimously supported a tree preservation order to protect a historic lime tree despite objection from the tree’s owner.

Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 4:06 pm

The large mature lime tree, believed to be between 150 and 200 years old, at 35 Greenhill Main Road was saved from the chop.

Sam Thorn, of the council’s urban and environmental design team, said a colleague who has now left the department served a tree preservation order (TPO) because it stands within the Greenhill conservation area.

His colleague assessed the site and determined the score to be high enough for the TPO.

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The tree.

In a report on the order, the council said it had cultural and heritage significant as well as arboricultural merit.

Mr Thorn said the only objection to the order was from the owner of the tree.

In their objection letter they said: “In my opinion the tree is simply much too close to the house and poses an ongoing threat to the building and needs to be removed.”

But in their response to the objection, the council said the tree posed very little risk of failing in its current condition and did not overhang the house, adding that large canopied trees are increasingly recognised for the role they play in air quality improvement and carbon sequestration.

It said: “In the era of climate emergencies historic trees with such fine form as this should be offered a level of protection from removal without significant justification.”

During the meeting, Mr Thorn added: “It’s a very healthy looking tree, it’s part of the original building manor up there which is a listed building and it’s part of the structure of the Greenhill conservation area.”

Councillors formally confirmed this order by a unanimous vote.