Hallam Towers developers want to change the plans yet again

Residents living next to the new Hallam Towers are annoyed and frustrated after developers changed the plans yet again.

They said they hoped it would finally bring closure to the long-running saga after the hotel closed in 2004 but Blenheim Land and Properties want to amend the plans once more.

This time they want to replace the previously approved townhouses and corner apartments with five detached and two semi-detached houses.

Residents are frustrated as Hallam Towers developers try to change the plans yet again

One Manchester Road resident said: "I'm disgusted by yet more applications from Hallam Towers, it's bad enough that the extra floors were added. Planning permission was granted back in 1989."

Another neighbour said: "These houses will remove the green space and extra parking. The original plans, which we were shown years ago, had a similar layout to this, with a tower block surrounded by houses. This then became just the tower block.

"It seems that the plans are changed in small steps which in themselves are minor but will have a major effect on individual neighbours and the surrounding Broomhill Conservation Area."

A third resident added: "I find it difficult to have any trust in the developers. Their own documents clearly show the area proposed for the new buildings laid out as a car park and green space."

Local councillor Angela Argenzio said she was concerned the new houses would impact on the neighbouring properties on Manchester Road and The Lawns and mean a loss of mature trees.

"I have historically been aware and involved with this development since the pre planning application stage.

"The large tower already dominates the skyline and it is two floors taller than the original one.

"The new houses would overbearingly intrude into the neighbours' garden and bedroom.

Another concern is the loss of the originally planned parking spaces: the loss of the spaces could impact on the already overcrowded and pressurised parking in Broomhill."

Planning officers are considering the application, which can be viewed here.