Green councillors call for ban on Mr Whippy machines

Ice cream vanIce cream van
Ice cream van
Green Party councillors have urged Sheffield City Council’s licensing department to ban ice cream vans which use Mr Whippy machines to help tackle air pollution.

Councillor Douglas Johnson, City ward representative and speaker for the Green Party, said they asked the licensing department to review its policy to stop ice cream vendors running their engines while parked.

He said: “If people are serious about air pollution this is an ideal opportunity to reduce it as the council approves licenses for ice cream vendors.

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“There is only a small amount of ice cream vans in comparison to cars so it would make a small difference to overall air pollution but a big difference to parks packed out with children and families. No one wants to sit in a park with the fumes and the noise of an engine.

“This would help to tackle air pollution and we can still enjoy ice cream.”

Under this proposed change to policy, ice cream vendors would have two options – to upgrade their vans to ultra low emitting vehicles or only use scooped ice cream.

He said it could also help support local ice cream businesses such as Our Cow Molly who provide the treat in tubs.

The council is currently moving forward with plans for a Clean Air Zone to reduce pollution and work towards their target of becoming carbon neutral.