General Election 2019 Sheffield results: Labour hold four seats, gain one and the sixth has gone to the Conservatives

After a disastrous night for the Labour Party, they have had some good news in Sheffield where they have held four seats, gained one and the city’s sixth seat has gone to the to the Conservatives.

By Lucy Ashton and Molly Williams
Friday, 13th December 2019, 4:06 pm

Sheffield Hallam:

One the biggest electoral shocks of the night has come for Labour’s Olivia Blake who managed to snatch victory from the Liberal Democrat candidate, Laura Gordon, who has been acting as a de facto MP for the constituency in the absence of Ms Blake’s troubled predecessor Jared O’Mara.

The Hallam result was also one of the most dramatic of the night, with a recount of the city’s largest constituency being called at around 4am after hours of counting.

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After a tense hour, Ms Blake emerged as the winner, with a majority of just 712, and a total number of votes of 19,709.

Ms Gordon followed close behind with 18,997. The Conservatives’ Ian Walker came third with 14,696 votes, followed by the Green Party with 1,630, the Brexit Party with 1,562 and UKIP with 168.

the moment he sensationally ousted former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg from the seat in 2017.

Mr O’Mara’s relatively brief time as an MP was mired in controversy almost from the moment he sensationally ousted former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg from the seat in 2017.

He was soon embroiled in a scandal over sexist and homophobic comments he had posted on social media in his early 20s, and he later quit Labour to become an independent, criticising the party over his treatment during its investigation into those posts.

Mr O’Mara, who has cerebral palsy and autism, was rarely seen at Westminster, claiming too little was done to support MPs like him with disabilities and speaking too about his battle with mental health problems. Despite suggestion to the contrary, he did not contest the seat in yesterday’s election.

Sheffield South East:

Clive Betts will continue being the MP for the constituency for the eighth time.

Labour’s Clive Betts has taken a huge blow to his majority, which has reduced from 11,798 to just 4,289.

Mr Betts has represented the constituency since it succeeded the old Sheffield Attercliffe ward in 2010.

Marc Bayliss for the Conservatives received 15,070 votes, followed by 4,478 votes for the Brexit Party’s Kirk Kus and Rajin Chowdhury on 2,125 for the Lib Dems and Alex Martin on 966 for the Yorkshire Party.

Mr Betts said: “It’s not the best campaign I can ever remember, not in terms of the effort we put in but clearly many people who voted Labour for many years, sometimes all their lives, just felt they couldn’t support us on this occasion.

"Many of them really troubled and upset by it but the main reason was ‘sorry I just can’t vote for you while Jeremy is the leader, we just don’t see him as Prime Minister’ and the Brexit issue. So between the two issues - core, traditional Labour voters voted for someone else.

"I think it’s pretty clear that by the next election, which is now some years away, that Jeremy won’t be the leader so we’re going to have to find someone else. So I think the party’s objective has to find someone who appeals to a broad range of the public particularly people who didn’t vote for us tonight that probably have voted Labour in the past.

… Let’s think about the people who have left us with a heavy heart tonight and say ‘which future leader could attract you to come back to us?’"

Sheffield Central:

Paul Blomfield won the biggest majority in Sheffield of some 27,273 votes.

In a night of devastating losses for the Labour Party which has seen the opposition party

lose heartland seats in constituencies including Rother Valley, Don Valley, Stoke and Wrexham, Mr Blomfield’s vote share has offered a glimmer of hope.

He lost less than 500 votes from his 2017 result, which is significant, given that many of the Labour MPs who have been able to hold on to their seat have seen their majorities slashed by a surge in votes for both the Conservatives and the Brexit Party.

Mr Blomfield’s closest political rival in the battle for the city’s Central ward was the Conservatives’ Janice Silvester-Hall who received 6,695 votes, followed by Alison Teal for the Green Party on 4,570 votes.

The Brexit Party’s Paul Ward received 1,969 votes and the Yorkshire Party’s Jack Carrington was last with 416 votes.

Sheffield Heeley:

Labour’s Louise Haigh will now represent the constituency for a third time, but with a reduced majority of 8,520.

Her majority has declined by some 1,611 votes since her 2017 victory.

The Conservative’s Gordon Gregory followed in second place with 12,955 votes.

Tracy Knowles of the Brexit Party lagged behind in third place with 3,538 votes, followed by 2,916 votes for the Liberal Democrats’ Simon Clement-Jones and 1,811 votes for Paul Turpin for the Green Party.

Penistone and Stocksbridge:

Penistone and Stocksbridge was the seat which both Labour and Tories said was incredibly close - but it ended up with a Conservative majority of more than 7,000.

Miriam Cates, who is a parish councillor in Bradfield, has made the leap to being Sheffield and Barnsley’s first Conservative MP.

She took more 23,000 votes - way ahead of her nearest rival, Labour Stocksbridge councillor Fran Johnson. The pair did not shake hands on the podium at the count.

Penistone Lib Dem councillor Hannah Kitching polled 5,054 votes.

Ms Cates is seen as a leading light in the Conservatives, sitting next to Boris Johnson at the party conference and door knocking with his girlfriend in Penistone and Stocksbridge during the campaign.

She said: “We have made history in South Yorkshire. For too long people have had a sense of frustration in our area and felt malagined, held back and unrepresented.

“People in Penistone and Stocksbridge have vote for a fresh start. Enterprise will be celebrated and encouraged and opportunity will be available to all. I will work tirelessly for a better future for everyone in our community.”

Angela Smith was the Labour MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge before quitting the party to become an independent with Change UK. She then switched again to the Lib Dems and moved across the Pennines to stand in Altrincham and Sale West, where she has come third.

Hillsborough and Brightside:

Labour safe seat Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough returned a comfortable majority of more than 12,000 - but it was still a reduction.

Gill Furniss dropped from a 19,000 majority but Labour breathed a sigh of relief that they could still hold at least some heartland seats.

Ms Furniss started her speech by thanks staff, EIS and the police then said: "I don't take this responsibility for granted. It's a privilege and honour to be re-elected to represent my home where I live and work. I look forward to doing everything I can to maintain and build on the trust placed in me.”

She was first elected 2016 following the death of her husband Harry Harpham, who was the MP for the seat.

She was quick to change her twitter handle after the count from “candidate” to “MP”.