General Election 2017: Sheffield South East candidate profiles

General Election 2017: Sheffield South East candidates
General Election 2017: Sheffield South East candidates
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In the sixth and last of our General Election candidate profiles, we ask those running to be the Sheffield South East MP why they should get your vote.

Each candidate standing in the constituency this year was asked to send up to 200 words on their policies and why people should choose them when they go to the polls on June 8.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Clive Betts, Labour

My priorities are to secure new skilled jobs and end exploitative zero hour contracts; to reverse the Tory funding cuts to schools so they can provide the education our children need and deserve; to preserve our NHS and ensure everyone who needs social care receives it; and to fund 10,000 extra front line police officers to help keep us safe.

I am passionate about ensuring everyone can have a home they can afford to buy or rent, and will support plans to build one million new homes.

I accept we are leaving the EU and want to ensure we get the best deal to protect Sheffield jobs and maintain living standards. The unlimited free movement of labour in the EU will have to come to an end.

My track record shows that I have always worked hard for this area and have the drive and enthusiasm to keep achieving improvements for it.

At this crucial time for our area, our city and our country I believe I have the values, the experience, the local knowledge and the determination needed to best represent this constituency in Parliament.

Lindsey Cawrey, Conservative

Lindsey was born in Sheffield and her extended family still live in the city.

She spent her early childhood in Sheffield before her father’s job in agricultural engineering took the family to Derbyshire and then to Lincolnshire.

Lindsey has been actively involved in politics since 2001. She is a member of Lincolnshire County Council with many years’ experience as vice chairman and chairman of scrutiny. She is also an executive member of North Kesteven District Council, overseeing multi million pound investments in sport and leisure facilities.

From 2013 to 2014 she was deputy chairman political for Lincoln Conservative Association.

Lindsey has been self-employed for the past four years following a career in publishing and marketing spanning the public and private sectors. She has worked in defence, house building and agricultural open learning as well as with some of the biggest names in the UK’s music industry.

Alongside Lindsey’s professional commitments, Lindsey is also a keen volunteer and supports the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust, helping the at live events and providing stewarding support at the Lincoln 10k. She has also worked with a charity which supports young people who have offended or who are at risk of offending.

Dennise Dawson, UK Independence Party

It’s time for change in the political arena in Sheffield. I am not a career politician I am just an ordinary, hardworking member of society, as many of you are. What I will be is a voice for the ordinary working class who seem to have been left behind and not listened to anymore.

Fox hunting is not on my agenda and will not get my vote. What will get my wholehearted support is homelessness, getting people off the streets. Building more social housing is something I care passionately about.

Care for the elderly, mental health and dementia will be high on the agenda. I want more training and apprenticeships for our kids and free higher education for adults.

I am a Ukip committee member and an active member of the party. I have worked for central and local government and the NHS. I am passionate about controlling immigration, NHS, social housing, policing and safety on our streets, education and pensions to name a few.

Should I be selected to represent you as an Ukip MP, I will listen to you, address your problems and work hard to deliver on issues that affect the people of Sheffield South East.

Ishleen Oberoi, Social Democratic Party

Ishleen is a senior physiotherapist working within the NHS, specialising in care of the elderly, acute medicine, A&E and neurological physiotherapy.

She has worked in various acute settings such as hospitals including the Northern General Hospital Sheffield, Chesterfield hospital as well as in the community, visiting people in their homes.

“I’ve seen first hand how the NHS is being run. There is real pressure on the front line and it seems that people are being sent to A&E because they can’t see their GP.

“It seems as though you have to plan on being ill, getting a GP appointment is incredibly difficult.

“We need more doctors and we need to embrace the modern world, why can’t we move to a system where qualified pharmacists have a qualified doctor on video link and assess, triage and treat minor ailments all in one place? We need efficency and common sense.

“I chose to stand for the SDP because they are a party that has it’s finger on the pulse of the modern world issues.

“I will bring a fresh way of thinking to the people of Sheffield South East. They deserve an MP who lives in the real world.”

Colin Ross, Liberal Democrat

The Conservative proposal to impose a ‘Dementia Tax’ will affect many families in South East Sheffield leaving them much worse off.

Across England nine out of 10 houses, or three in four in Sheffield, would be eligible for sale to meet the cost of the Dementia Tax if no cap was in place. This is whilst the Conservative Government are planning to raise the inheritance tax threshold, effectively punishing people and their families who already suffering with dementia.

The Liberal Democrats believe that social care should be given the extra funding it needs, not by punishing those who get ill, but fairly by putting an extra penny on income tax which will raise £6 billion ring-fenced for our NHS and care services.

Theresa May has shown that her government has, to use her own words, become the ‘nasty party’ once again. Rapid U-turns after the last budget shows that she is more weak and wobbly than ‘strong and stable’. But she is faced with is even weaker and divided opposition in the Labour Party, which is too busy fighting with itself than fighting for the people of Sheffield. It is only the Liberal Democrats who can stand up for Sheffield.

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