General Election 2017: Sheffield Hallam candidate profiles

General Election 2017: Sheffield Hallam candidates
General Election 2017: Sheffield Hallam candidates
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In the third of our General Election candidate profiles, we ask those running to be the Sheffield Central MP why they should get your vote.

Each candidate standing in the constituency this year was asked to send up to 200 words on their policies and why people should choose them when they go to the polls on June 8.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Tomorrow: Sheffield Heeley.

Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat

I am re-standing as the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate in Sheffield Hallam – a constituency I have had the immense privilege to represent in Parliament for twelve years – because I strongly oppose the direction that Theresa May wishes to drag our wonderful country, and I don’t believe that Jeremy Corbyn can provide the effective opposition we need.

Recently we’ve had a flavour of Conservative intentions, as they’ve revealed their manifesto plans to scrap the successful free infant school meals policy which I introduced in Government, slash school budgets and burden families who are struggling with the spiralling costs of elderly care with a new ‘Dementia Tax’.

Over these last 12 years, I have used my influence nationally to bring significant benefits to our city, from the investment in our roads and pavements to more apprenticeships and increased childcare - as well as fighting locally to protect our libraries, green spaces and street trees.

With your support, I hope to continue with this work. I also want to play a role in providing effective opposition to Theresa May’s economically harmful plans for ‘hard’ Brexit, which will damage jobs and investment in Sheffield. Sheffield is a special place, and you deserve better.

Jared O’Mara, Labour

As someone who was born and grew up in Sheffield I want to pay back some of what I owe to our city.

I am 35, was a pupil at Tapton School and after university returned to live and work in Sheffield. I know first hand the challenges our city faces after ten years of austerity begun by the Lib Dem-Tory coalition government.

I have faced those problems over 12 years as a trustee of a Sheffield-based disability charity and as a school governor. I have a disability – Cerebral Palsy Hemiparesis – and am immensely grateful for the support and therapy I have received from the local NHS and its staff.

Only Labour has put forward clear, costed policies that will protect our NHS, tackle the crisis in social care without a ‘dementia tax’ and end the spiral of cuts in education.

It’s time for change. Nick Clegg, as Deputy PM, backed cuts to vital services. He has one of the worst voting records at Westminster and is increasingly divorced from Sheffield Hallam.

I ask you to put your trust in me. Vote for me and you gain a local MP who will work for Sheffield Hallam and our city.

Logan Robin, Green

Logan Robin is Green Party candidate for Hallam in the June 8 General Election.

“I’m Sheffield born, study at the University of Sheffield and chair Sheffield Young Greens,” he said. “I led the campaign to raise bursaries for low income background students. Greens will scrap tuition fees and bring back education maintenance grants.

“I chair Sheffield Youth for Europe and support a final Brexit deal referendum where remaining in the EU is on the ballot. I believe Hallam residents have enjoyed rights, freedoms and protections from EU membership that young people should not be denied.

“I will stand up for what matters in Hallam.”

John Thurley, UK Independence Party

Having lived all my life under either a Labour or Conservative Government, who have never kept their word to the electorate, I realised the only the only way to get change was to seek an alternative.

Lib Dems could never fill the void, but then along came Ukip.

Having lived and worked in many parts of this great country and seen the lack of investment, except in the south, it struck me the answer was to try and get involved in a political party, so I joined Ukip in 2004.

You should only get out what you put in, but I’ve found we put in and get very little back. Our hard earned taxes are spent on fruitless ideas, sent abroad or used to line the pockets of politicians.

The NHS is the best in the world, but run by people who have no experience of running such a large institution, or being able to get best value for money, resulting in a huge black hole in our health service.

I class this great country - yes, we need to reinstate the Great in front of Britain - as my home, as I’m sure most of the citizens that were born here do.

Ian Walker, Conservative

I am the one candidate whose views will actually have influence on the government for the benefit of Sheffield.

I was born and bred in Hallam and spent most of my working life running exporting manufacturing companies in Sheffield.

My wife and I brought up our four children in Hallam making me very familiar with our local schools and hospitals! I have a heart for our city and I have always tried to give something back to the community.

I have been:

- A director of Sheffield Health Authority and NHS North of England, when I focussed on reducing health inequalities across the city.

- Chairman of Sheffield’s Training and Enterprise Council, driving the bid to secure £2.4 billion of new funding to improve communities and support apprentices and manufacturing industry in South Yorkshire.

- A governor of a local school.

In this critical phase of getting the best possible Brexit trade deal, my manufacturing and exporting experience and my passion for the prosperous future of our city makes me the right person to represent Hallam at Westminster.

Vote for representation by a local person with a heart for our city, whose views will actually be listened to by the government.

Steven Winstone, Social Democratic Party

Steven has been active in the local political scene for a number of years. He regularly appears on local and national radio and television discussing business and Brexit.

The son of an Anglo-Indian immigrant, he trained as a chartered accountant before becoming the owner of one of Sheffield’s largest metal recycling business, turning over tens of millions of pounds, trading here and abroad, employing many people in real jobs in the Steel City.

He featured many years running in ‘who’s who’ as one of the young entrepreneurs of the year.

“I’ve been invited to stand by pretty much all of the main parties over the years,” he said.

“But I’m not a sell out. I live in the real world and the policies of the old parties just don’t cut it. The leading politicians in this city don’t seem to get the real issues.

“The whole political system needs shaking up. Cover-ups and daft deals seem to be the order of the day. Trees are getting cut down needlessly, money is being wasted, the roads are a mess, businesses are being held back by daft red tape and all the time the local MP’s do nothing except spout vacuous slogans.”

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