FULL LIST of Sheffield election candidates revealed

Candidates standing in this year’s local elections in Sheffield have been announced.

Thursday, 4th April 2019, 12:51 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th May 2019, 11:52 am

Those chosen to run in the city's 28 wards will spend the next few weeks campaigning to win people's vote before polling day on Thursday, May 2.

A range of parties will be represented at this year's local elections, including the far-right National Front, the Women’s Equality Party, Democrats and Veterans, UKIP, Independents and Yorkshire Party.

The Labour, Green, Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties are all running in each of the 28 wards.

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Voting will take place on Thursday, May 2.

Close attention will be paid to the East Ecclesfield ward where, for the first time in years in the city, a National Front candidate is running. Jordan Pont has run unsuccessfully in previous Sheffield elections.

He will be up against David Booker (UKIP), Victoria Bowden (Lib Dem), John Mahoney (Conservative), Alex Robertson (Yorkshire Party), Brian Webster (Green) and councillor Steve Wilson (independent) who is running to be re-elected.

Coun Wilson dramatically quit Labour earlier this year after his wife Angela Smith MP left the party to form the Independent Group in Parliament.

The new Labour candidate for the ward is Craig Gamble-Pugh, who was a councillor in Crookes before losing his seat.

Sheffield Town Hall

The city is also saying goodbye to a number of councillors who are not running for re-election, including current Lord Mayor Magid Magid and leader of the Green Party Rob Murphy.

The deadline to register to vote is Friday, April 12. It takes around five minutes to register and you can do so here: www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

See who’s running in your ward (those marked with an asterisk are running to be re-elected)

Park and Arbourthorne

Jen Barnard, Green Party

Dennise Dawson, UKIP

Hilary Gay, Conservative

Alex Martin, Yorkshire Party

*Ben Miskell, Labour and Co-operative

Susan Ross, Liberal Democrats

Alistair Tice, Socialist Alternative

Beauchief and Greenhill

Julie Gledhill, Labour

Claire Lord, Conservative

Graham Marsden, Green

*Richard Shaw, Liberal Democrats


Brian Grundill, UKIP

Bob McCann, Liberal Democrats

Anthony Naylor, Green

*Ian Saunders, Labour

Steven Winstone, Conservative


Dennis Booker, UKIP

James Ellwood, Liberal Democrats

*Denise Fox, Labour

Thomas Oulton, Conservative

Alan Yearsley, Green

Broomhill and Sharrow Vale

Angela Argenzio, Green

Charles Blatt, Conservative

Will Sapwell, Liberal Democrats

Jeffrey Shaw, UKIP

Chris Ware, Labour

Michael Warner, Independent


Mary Aston, Liberal Democrats

Nico Hall, Green

*Talib Hussain, Labour

Hatau Mozayen, Conservative

Debra Roberts, UKIP


Janet Anber, Conservative

Hashim Mahroof, Liberal Democrats

Ruth Mersereau, Green

Janet Ridler, Labour

Crookes and Crosspool

Karen Adams, UKIP

Cheryl Barrott, Labour and Co-operative

Emily Brooke-Davies, Green

Tim Huggan, Liberal Democrats

Thomas Ridgway, Conservative


*Mary Lea, Labour

Sohail Mohammed, Liberal Democrats

Dean O’Brien, Conservative

Karen Waddicar, UKIP

Eamonn Ward, Green

Dore and Totley

David Applebaum, Green

Lesley Blyth, Conservative

*Joe Otten, Liberal Democrats

David Sedgley, Labour

East Ecclesfield

David Booker, UKIP

Victoria Bowden, Liberal Democrats

Graig Gamble, Labour and Co-operative

Kevin Mahoney, Conservative

Jordan Pont, National Front

Alex Robertson, Yorkshire Party

Brian Webster, Green

*Steven Wilson, Independent


Jason Leman, Green

John Lowcock, Democrats and Veterans Party

Barbara Masters, Liberal Democrats

Ruth Milsom, Labour

Georgia Mort, Conservative

Megan Senior, Women’s Equality Party

Firth Park

Samuel Bray, Conservative

*Abdul Khayum, Labour

Ann Kingdom, Liberal Democrats

Amy Mack, Green


Fouad Al Mohamadi, Labour

Michael Barge, Conservative

Hannah Booker, UKIP

Judith Rutnam, Green

*Andrew Sangar, Liberal Democrats

Gleadless Valley

John Dryden, Liberal Democrats

Lewis Elliot, Conservative

Marv Hollingworth, UKIP

Nadia Jama, Labour and Co-operative

Paul Turpin, Green

Graves Park

*Sue Auckland, Liberal Democrats

Angela Clemson, Green

Mark Finney, Conservative

Stephen Robertson, UKIP

Gareth Slater, Labour

John Thurley, Democrats and Veterans


Christine Gilligan, Green

David Hollingworth, UKIP

*George Lindars-Hammond, Labour

Stephen Porter, Liberal Democrats

Theodore Wrigley, Conservative

Manor Castle

Jack Carrington, Yorkshire Party

Ruth Flagg-Abbey, Green

Tom Hague, Liberal Democrats

Ray Lawrence, Conservative

Sioned Richards, Labour

Yvonne Sykes, UKIP


Ben Bancroft, Yorkshire Party

*David Barker, Labour

Philip Kirby, Conservative

Kevin Oxley, Liberal Democrats

Julie White, Green

Adam Wood, UKIP

Nether Edge and Sharrow

Joe Busby, Conservative

Peter Garbutt, Green

David Gate, Democrats and Veterans

*Mohammed Maroof, Labour

Pat White, Liberal Democrats


Richard Blyth, Conservative

Catherine Hartley, Green

*Dianne Hurst, Labour

Brian Kus, UKIP

Diane Leek, Liberal Democrats

Shiregreen and Brightside

Tracy Booker, UKIP

*Dawn Dale, Labour and Co-operative

Edward Higgins, Conservative

Milton Pennefather, Green

Allan Wisbey, Liberal Democrats


*Mike Chaplin, Labour

Andrew Hands, Green

Shane Harper, UKIP

Alex Noonan, Conservative

Chris Tosseano, Liberal Democrats


Adam Allcroft, Conservative

*Penny Baker, Liberal Democrats

Stewart Kemp, Green

Anthony Sykes, UKIP

Zoe Sykes, Labour

Stocksbridge and Upper Don

Kurtis Crossland, Liberal Democrats

Julie Grocutt, Labour

Chris Pepple, Conservative

William Pitt, Yorkshire Party

Graeme Waddicar, UKIP

David Willington, Green


Rebecca Atkinson, Liberal Democrats

Jack Bannan, Yorkshire Party

*Ben Curran, Labour and Co-operative

Matthew Fender, Conservative

Amy Gooding, Women’s Equality Party

Ian Howarth, UKIP

Bernard Little, Green

West Ecclesfield

Kathy Aston, Green

*Lisa Banes, Labour

*John Booker, UKIP

Alastair Geddes, Conservative

Alan Hooper, Liberal Democrats


Rachael Barstow, UKIP

William Blyth, Conservative

Christopher Brown, Liberal Democrats

John Grant, Green

*Jackie Satur, Labour