Full list of Sheffield Council local election results

The Green Party and Liberal Democrats pushed Sheffield Council into no overall control in a devastating day for Labour at the local elections.

Friday, 7th May 2021, 6:08 pm

It was a dramatic count at the English Institute of Sport that saw Sheffield Labour not only lose control of the council after a decade but lose its leader Bob Johnson.

The first Conservative councillor in Sheffield for two decades was also voted in, Lewis Chinchen will represent Stocksbridge and Upper Don ward which is within the constituency of Conservative MP Miriam Cates.

Sheffield lost eight seats in total, five went to the Green Party and three to the Liberal Democrats.

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Sheffield City Council election count 2021. The Lib Dems celebrating. Picture: Chris Etchells

Here is the full breakdown of results:

BeightonWoolhouse, Ann Doreen (Lib Dem) 1441Gledhill, Julie (Lab) 1399Clayton, Shirley Diane (Cons) 1089Manor CastleMurphy, Anne Marie (Lab) 1567Flagg-Abbey, Ruth (Green) 642Walker, Ian Geoffery (Cons) 578SoutheyDamms, Tony (Lab) 1745May, Antony (Cons) 800Hards, Andrew Philip (Green) 374BirleyLodge, Bryan Gerard (Lab) 1848Winstone, Steven Dominic (Cons) 1241Yearsley, Alan Bernard Armour (Green) 437Firth ParkLaw, Alan (Lab) 1896Toone, Steve (Cons) 810Elliot, Marieanne Nicole (Green) 327DarnallIqbal, Mazher (Lab) 2078Mohammed, Adil Shaffaq (Lib Dem) 641Pitchfork, Chris (Cons) 631MosboroughDowning, Tony (Lab) 1964Crossland, Kurtis Jenson (Lib Dem) 1744Finney, Mark Thomas (Cons) 892CityJohnson, Douglas James Preston (Green) 1230Dwyer, Matthew Robert (Lab) 796Higgins, Edward (Cons) 168Park and ArbourthorneWilson, Sophie Jane (Lab) 1860Blyth, Richard (Cons) 1051Dillner, Dave (Green) 572Nether Edge and SharrowRaouf, Maroof Ahmed (Green) 3102Slater, Gareth Edward (Lab) 2200Chapman, John Westley (Cons) 553WoodhouseRooney, Mick (Lab) 2106Gregory, Gordon C. (Cons) 1155Hardy, Liam Kesh (Green) 337Shiregreen and BrightsidePrice, Peter (Lab) 1803Steane, Zoe Michelle (Cons) 991Pennefather, Milton John (Green) 310BurngreaveSaeed, Safiya (Lab) 2576Ahmed, Mustafa Ali (Green) 425Richard, Khalil (Cons) 414Gleadless ValleyDimond, Alexi James (Green) 2480Ridler, Janet Hilary (Lab) 1955Mustoe, Andrew (Cons) 569West EcclesfieldWhitaker, Ann Christine (Lib Dem) 1752Hurst, Adam (Lab) 1361Mahoney, Kevin John (Cons) 889Graves ParkAuckland, Ian (Lib Dem) 2357Mustill, Edd (Lab) 1815Critchlow, Lucy Elizabeth (Green) 1168HillsboroughGilligan Kubo, Christine (Green) 2337Johnson, Bob (Lab) 2013Blyth, Lesley (Cons) 906StanningtonWilliams, Richard Neil (Lib Dem) 1900Gamble Pugh, Craig (Lab) 1737Liddle, Luke Thomas Buckingham (Cons) 1486RichmondBarker, David Charles (Lab) 1828Drabble, Mike (Lab) 1378Lord, Claire (Cons) 995O'Brien, Dean (Cons) 926Dore and TotleyRoss, Colin Arthur (Lib Dem) 3697Chinchen, Sara Louise (Cons) 1997Nicholson, Samantha Heather (Lab) 1066EcclesallDavison, Roger Noel (Lib Dem) 2904Sykes, Zoë Jayne (Lab) 2168Leman, Jason (Green) 2116WalkleyLittle, Bernard James (Green) 2774Belbin, Fran (Lab) 2290Millward, Eve (Cons) 592Crookes and CrosspoolMilsom, Ruth Marion (Lab) 2602Atkinson, Bex (Lib Dem) 2294Mulvaney, Rebecca (Green) 1332Stocksbridge and Upper DonChinchen, Lewis Robert (Cons) 1822Banes, Lisa Anne Jean (Lab) 1325Brelsford, Martin Charles (Lib Dem) 1317FulwoodAlston, Sue (Lib Dem) 3212Kennedy, Jackie (Lab) 1510Strathdee, Nathan James (Green) 1170East EcclesfieldWoodcock, Alan Geoffrey (Lib Dem) 1498Bainbridge, Andy (Lab) 1478Allcroft, Adam James (Cons) 1344Broomhill and Sharrow ValeHolmshaw, Brian Dean (Green) 2653Norris, Alison Jane (Lab) 2576Oulton, Thomas Howard (Cons) 436Beauchief and GreenhillThornton, Sophie Jane (Lib Dem) 1732Cox, Geoff (Lab) 1695Finney, Elizabeth Rachel (Cons) 1070