Firm promises to replace cobbles on historic Sheffield street as asphalt patches are called ‘a complete embarrassment’

Veolia has promised to replace cobbles on one of Sheffield’s most historic streets – after eyesore patches of asphalt were left on previous jobs.

By David Walsh
Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 1:46 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th September 2019, 2:52 pm
Asphalt patches in place of cobbles on previous roadworks on Surrey Street.

The council contractor is digging up the road to replace heating mains and readers of The Star are demanding the surface will be restored to its former state.

Some 160 people responded to a Tweet with photographs of three patches of black asphalt defacing the road. It is not known which contractor is responsible for them.

Surrey Street includes the Grade I listed Town Hall and Montgomery Theatre, Winter Garden and Grade II listed Central Library.

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Roadworks on Surrey Street beside the Town Hall.

On Twitter, Tim Jones said: “It’s a disgrace. Being the gateway from the train station to the city it does not give a good impression to visitors.

“Why not have preservation orders for cobbled roads like they do for trees? When the work is completed send out an inspector.”

JustDave said: “I thought they had to return the surface to its previous state?”

And Graham Silverwood said: “That's a complete embarrassment to the city.”

Asphalt patches in place of cobbles on previous roadworks on Surrey Street.

A Veolia spokesman said: “I can assure you that when the work is completed Veolia will be replacing the cobbles.

“Work will be continuing for the next couple of months and a temporary surface will be installed while we await delivery of replacement cobbles which we will install as soon as possible.”

Darren Butt, account director at Amey Streets Ahead, which oversees roadworks, said Streets Ahead would reinstate the cobbles on all patches once work was complete.

He added: “A number of works have been carried out on Surrey Street recently, including work to replace heating mains beneath the surface.

Asphalt patches in place of cobbles on previous roadworks on Surrey Street.

“While the replacement of cobbles around these excavation sites is the responsibility of the contractors involved, we will continue to liaise with all parties to ensure that the correct materials are used and the road is reinstated to its original state.

“In addition to the ongoing work, Streets Ahead will reinstate cobbles on the other tarmac patches on the street once all planned work in the area has been completed.

“We know Surrey Street is a very popular and historically significant thoroughfare in the city centre, which is why we are committed to ensuring the surface is restored to its former condition.

“We would like to thank everyone for their continued patience while these works are ongoing.”