Fellowship award puts Sheffield councillor in same company as French president

Coun Ben Curran
Coun Ben Curran
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A Sheffield councillor has won a fellowship designed to recognise 'exceptional' leaders.

Ben Curran, cabinet member for planning and development on the city council, is one of this year's recipients of the Marshall Memorial Fellowship.

Awarded by US-based non-profit organisation the German Marshall Fund, the fellowship involves a programme designed to improve people's understanding of trans-Atlantic relations.

Previous recipients include French president Emmanual Macron.

Coun Curran, who previously served as cabinet member for finance, said: "As a big believer in lifelong learning, I am excited about the opportunity this fellowship brings.

"Sheffield, like many cities across the world, faces challenges around housing, climate change and the need to build a more inclusive local economy.

"This fellowship gives me the chance to witness firsthand how US cities are approaching these challenges which will give me some great insights and ideas on how we can approach them here in Sheffield.

“I also believe that Sheffield becoming more globally engaged and competitive is key to securing our economic future.

"During the fellowship, I plan to lay the foundations for future collaboration to help Sheffield improve its global engagement and gain wider recognition in the international arena."